“Jessica Jones” recap (1.13): Holding out for a hero


The purple man himself is still squatting in the gay couple’s penthouse and ranting at his dad to make him stronger. That is in between running through his misogynistic revenge fantasies for Jessica. He decides impulsively to take the whole dram of the virus–with its 40 percent change it makes him stronger and 60 percent chance it’ll kill him. Everyone but him, of course, is rooting for the latter. Alas, it’s the former. Dammit, odds, I thought you were on our side.


Jessica has her own fantasy chat, but with a still unconscious Luke. She promises not to be around to screw up his life if–when–he wakes up. Well, who is to say there will never be a crossover episode of Luke Cage? She then imposes on the already incredibly compassionate nature of Claire to be even more incredibly compassionate and stay with Luke in case he wakes up. And Claire agrees, but only because she’s seen Jessica with her pants down. See, how can you not love this show?

Jessica has traced Kilgrave back to the fancy gays’ penthouse, and Trish takes her there. Before she goes up, she tells Trish she might not come back. So she asks Trish what it was she came over to tell her before. Good, I absolutely hate it when they use that sort of “I’ll tell you later” mystery as a plot device.


So Trish gives her the info on the IGH private research group funding her medical recovery and superpowers. Jessica says she gave up looking for answers on that a long time ago, but Trish says she hasn’t. Guess we know what the show will be getting into in its second season, eh?

Jessica thanks her for her iron will, and asks her to hold onto it for her. Of course, Trish wants to help. But they agree they’ll have Jessica give her a sign she isn’t Kilgraved. Trish says it should be something she never says. And then Jessica knows the perfect thing to say. It’s I love you. She leaves the car without saying any more, and Trish says under her breath, “That’ll do.”


It’s hard to think of another show on TV right now that so thoroughly hinges on the bond between two women. A show whose entire emotional arc has been finding the strength through friendship to confront and defeat one’s greatest fears. I will never stop wanting Trish and Jessica to be a couple, especially after being teased with the idea before the show started. But I’d also never want anything, ever, to hurt their friendship. 

And, boy, are they going to need each other after the untold horrors Jessica finds in the penthouse. One gay is dead, via a syringe full of Drano. The other gay is trying to stuff a human arm down the garbage disposal. And Papa Kilgrave is lying armless in a pool of his own blood.


But he isn’t dead quite yet and awakes to scare the shit out of all of us. Oh, and also to tell Jessica not to listen or look at him because he is stronger. And then he croaks. Jessica texts Trish her “I love yous” and she comes up to help.

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