“The Shannara Chronicles” recap (1.09): Walk Through the Fire


Previously on The Shannara Chronicles, when Eretria stripped down for her, Amberle noticed a mark on her back, a mark Eretria has always had; Amberle found an article about the stained glass window from her vision; Amberle and Wil saved Eretria from a village ironically named Utopia and headed off to Safehold.

We pick up where we left off, with the Trio running and running until they find a sign that looks like it used to say “San Francisco.” But Wil watched that ancient human show The 100 and remembers how TonDC was named after an old city called Washington DC, so he looks at the faded sign more closely and notices that the letters leftover spell Saf Old… aka Safehold.

Shannara 109-1“Pretty sure you could have just used your words, Wil.”

The trio goes down into some tunnels and decide to split up. Eretria gies Amberle a weapon and some advice about troll fighting, and Amberle gives Eretria Wil to protect. Because the girls both agree that he’s too much of a dope to fight anything that isn’t affected by his elfstones. Wil can’t take them as chums, but I don’t hate it at all.

Shannara 109-2The way Amberle LOOKS at her. I CANNOT.

After they split, Wil apologizes to Eretria for being douchey back in Utopia and yelling at her for daring to take a minute to dance around with girls and boys alike instead of spending every waking moment trying to work toward their Destiny. But she understands, she had gotten swept up in the potential of Utopia, the idea that there could be a place where she belongs. Speaking of Utopia, she’s very confused. The man she spent her life trying to escape ended up giving his life to save her. Wil can relate; he thought his father was just a drunk and a loser, but now he’s learning he was actually a hero. Eretria says that at least he’s getting answers; all she’s getting is more questions.

Shannara 109-3“Every day I’m learning, all my life I’ve only been pretending.”

Amberle interrupts their heart to heart to say she found something, which is good because they weren’t actually looking at all. She leads them to a den of sleeping trolls, and on the other side of the room is a giant painting of the same symbol on Eretria’s back.

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