“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.12): Every Rose has its thorns


Previously on  Jane the Virgin, Jane had the hots for teacher, Rogelio proposed to Xiomara, but the two didn’t agree on having more kids; Michael found a massive clue pertaining to Sin Rostra and Mutter; Petra and Rafael saved the hotel and got very close; and Barnett broke things off with Luisa because she was still very much in love with Rose.

This week, something very major happened, pertaining to our interests. But before we dig into that, let’s tackle what was happening with the Jane crew.

Jane almost loses it

You guys, after not losing it to her longtime boyfriend Michael (#TeamMichael) or the father of her child, Rafael, Jane is ready to trade in her V-Card to her former advisor/teacher, Jonathan. They have a date planned, and Xio is practically throwing condoms in the air like confetti, but Jane doesn’t think it will happen on the first date because she’s old-fashioned—like the Virgin Mary. I should let you know, that naturally, Jane is still thinking about Michael and his reaction to her virginity pledge. Things were so great before the whole accidental artificial insemination thing.

The date goes swimmingly, and Jane and Jonathan have crazy chemistry. They make out and talk until the restaurant is empty. Jonathan is a few months away from a two year sabbatical in Thailand, which is perfect for Jane, who isn’t looking for a lifetime commitment from her potential de-flowerer.


On her second date with Jonathan, after homemade pasta and good conversation, they retire to the couch. They are tearing off their clothes when Jane decides to tell him about the whole virgin thing. Welp, Jane just ran her own clitoference by being honest.


A few days later, Jonathan texts to apologize for the weirdness and he and Jane start sexting. Jane dashes over to his apartment, with only a T-shirt and her undies on. She’s so ready to get going that she’s speeding and gets pulled over. I hate when that happens. Seeing the cop’s badge makes her think about Michael, and when she gets to Jonathan’s place, things are weird. She starts to cry as they make out, and that puts the kibosh on that romance.


When Jane gets home, she sits Abuela down to watch their telenovelas. Abuela, knowing that Jane’s been hiding something from her, gives Jane her blessing. She won’t judge Jane for having sex, and a weight is lifted from Jane’s shoulders. Abuela reveals a big secret: She had sex before Jane’s grandfather and regretted it. That’s where this all stems from. Jane is shocked but doesn’t judge. In fact, this is a judgment free zone. Abuela tells Jane that if the thought of sex with Jonathan makes her weep, then perhaps he’s not the right guy.

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