“The Fosters” recap (3.15): Out of the closet, Lena


Previously on The Fosters, Jude and Callie tried to help Jack out of a bad foster home (he was there because of Justina Shadypants). Brandon found out Cortney has a kid, Jesus found out his dad is legally forbidden from seeing him, and all the kids found out that Stef has cancer. Stef got so filled up with fear over her surgery and the worry that Lena won’t love her anymore after the surgery that she nearly combusted. Fortunately, Lena took her skinny dipping to cool her down.

The episode begins with a slick and terrifying ad for the horrors of the foster care system. It’s like they took that APCA ad with the Sarah MacLachlan song and just added kids. It’s horrific. The moms are suspicious of Callie being used in this ad campaign to support legislation that none of them have read. Justina tells them not to worry. When has the government ever done them wrong? Lady, you’re talking to lesbians. The government hasn’t been exactly kind to us.

Fosters 3151 I did not raise this child to write Ezria fanfic!

Justina offers to get them a copy of the bill to read right after she promises Callie a trip to the White House. Moms are not having it. Callie has homework and, unlike Brandon, she can’t just skip off to the east coast anytime she wants. After Justina leaves, Callie is like “What the effing crap was that all about?” Well, seeing as you don’t have the best track record when it comes to making awesome choices we’re going to need to check this lady out. Callie can’t believe it! Having parents who care is the worst!

The doorbell rings, and it’s Mike and AJ. AJ apologizes for running away with Ty. He didn’t know what else to do, but he’s sorry. Mariana says she understands. Family is everything. AJ goes outside, and Callie follows him. She didn’t know about Ty otherwise, she wouldn’t have told Stef where AJ was. AJ is too broken up about it all to talk to Callie.

Mike asks Stef how she is. Well, it’s been ten days since major surgery, Callie just hauled off and yelled at her, AJ showed up asking for forgiveness, and everything is kinda bonkers per usual, but she’s doing all right. Just another day in paradise.

The next morning, Jesus finds Gabe and gives him back his tool belt. He knows what Gabe did and doesn’t want anything from the guy.

At school, Mariana says hi to Lexi. They haven’t seen much of each other since student government took over Lexi’s life. Awkward. Lexi skips off to class and Nick strolls up and starts talking about how Mariana “owes” him a whole dinner date for making him wait. Ick. Officially the grossest, Nick.

Fosters 3152 Are those pictures of us skinny dipping?

School president, Sally, is showing Lena and Monte her plans for this year’s community outreach project. She’s doing great until she asks if it could double for her senior thesis. Monte says sure but then Lena shuts her down. They can’t fund senior projects. Not to be deterred, Monte says maybe you can get everything donated. Oh Monte, stop trying to find a loophole. You aren’t going to find one that gives you access to Lena’s lips.

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