“Black Sails” recap (3.05): Who Says You Can’t Go Home


Previously on Black Sails, Flint crew found themselves on Maroon Island, a community of escaped slaves ruled by a fierce woman and her mysterious husband, Eleanor helped Rogers get to Nassau to recover the Urca gold and civilize the island, Max split up some gold for herself and for Jack and Anne to take, and Mr. Scott was shot.

After another dream featuring Miranda and Death, Flint wakes up on Maroon Island to the sound of horns announcing the return of the king. The king being Mr. Scott, and Mr. Scott being shot. He recognizes him immediately and knows things just changed for them drastically.  

On Teach’s ship, Vane is looking out into the vast ocean, swimming in his own thoughts. Teach approaches and says that he knows how women can leave their marks on people, but Vane says Eleanor barely left a scratch. Teach doesn’t buy that for a minute but assures him that he’s doing the right thing. He says a lion keeps no den, because everything the light touches is theirs, and even though technically lions do exactly that, he understands. They’re the same brand of slightly unhinged.

They see Spanish ships, and Teach decides to show off for his prodigy and attack it.

On Maroon Island, King Scott asks the people treating his wounds to give him a moment alone with Flint. The Queen is still suspicious of the pirate, but complies.

Black Sails 305-1Occasionally letting the boys think they’re in charge is a nice gesture.

Scott tells Flint everyone thinks he’s dead, that Rogers has arrived and is offering pardons. He tells them Vane and Teach escaped, taking with them any chance of resistance. He explains that he’s been running this island forever, that it was one of the reasons he encouraged Eleanor to be in charge, so he could have a foot on both islands, and that even Eleanor thinks his wife and daughter are dead.

Scott asks for Flint’s help, teaching his people how to survive. All Flint has to do is appeal to the Queen. But also keeping in mind that if he doesn’t convince them that their relationship could be mutually beneficial, the Queen will kill him and all his men. No pressure.

Meanwhile, Eleanor Guthrie finally returns to Nassau.

Black Sails 305-2The street’s a little kinder when you’re home.

She watches Rogers settle into a house that was her home once upon a time, and he gets a paper delivery. She casually asks him what it’s about – so fucking smooth, like she’s just making conversation; he never suspects that she might be collecting information, watching him so carefully, always prepared to fight or flee. He tells her that it’s about insurance, and while he talks, Eleanor’s face does a thing, and he assumes she’s worried about Vane. He promises her the pirate is gone, and it’s unclear whether that was even what she’s thinking about, let alone whether that sentiment is actually what she wants to hear or not.

Hornigold comes in to tell them that the Spanish gold has been found. Eleanor asks about Jack Rackham, but he’s MIA. Rogers asks why he cares, and she said that they’re entering a game of chess, and it’s helpful to know where all their pieces are; especially the rooks.

But the real piece they need to watch out for is the queen, who is currently working in the brothel, listening to men share their woes about being pardoned because Max is so easy to talk to. Just another day for Max.

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