“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.10): I want to be alone


We knew it would be hard to top last week’s stellar episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so this week, Grey’s eased us back into the show with a more ensemblesque episode, including Meredith doing a lot of lesbian processing.

We start with Meredith, who is smiling a lot, which means she hates life right now. She’s attending Bailey-ordered therapy to deal with her ordeal, and she’s taking it surprisingly well. Her new therapist is like, “Wow, this was a terrible thing you went through” and Mer is like, “Mofo, you should see the other shit they’ve put me through.”


Things aren’t going so well for the recently reunited Jo and Alex. They are still distant, and not really talking. Also, their loft looks like it’s part of the Litchfield prison loading dock, don’t you think?


At the hospital, Owen is still fuming about Riggs being there, which makes things even more stressful for April, who is caught in the middle. When a cardio patient comes in, Bailey makes her page Riggs to assist with Owen. The two men fight like little baby boys, and it only stops when a damn ambulance blows up.


Alex has a young patient, who is smarter than all of the interns put together. She’s specifically sought Dr. Karev out, although she is a little confused about his brief time making buttholes for babies. Aren’t we all. Her name is Maya, and the 15-year-old has already had a leg amputation due to bone cancer. Now the cancer is back and in her sternum, which sounds awful tricky. Maya knows that Grey Sloan is known for it’s ground-breaking surgeries, so she wants to know what they suggest for her. Maya’s mom kind of stays in the background, letting her very bright daughter talk her way through her illness.


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