Hit Australian lesbian series “Starting From Now” readies its fourth season


The Australian web series Starting From Now came on the scene almost two years ago and since then it’s built a loyal fan base and garnered over 20 million views. The series follows the lives of four Sydney lesbians–Steph, Darcy, Kristen and Emily–and all the drama that comes with them. Audiences have been eating it up.

Big things are happening for the web series as it heads into its fourth season. The show is coming to LAweb Fest in April, where it’s not only an official selection but has also been nominated in several categories. As well, the entire new season will premiere at the Mardi Gras Film Festival on March 1, followed by a Q&A session with the show’s creator, Julie Kalceff, actor/producer Rosie Lourde, and other cast members.

Ahead of the big day, Julie and Rosie spoke with us about working on the series, lesbian content in Australia, what the new season brings and more.

AfterEllen.com: The title of your web series, Starting From Now, is there a story there?

Julie Kalceff: The title comes from the concept that you always have the best of intentions; that you’re going to turn your life around, starting from now. I think that’s what all these characters are trying to do. They’re trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to turn their life around. But they’re not always as successful as they’d like to be.


AE: Rosie, how did you get involved with the series? Was it decided right from the beginning that you were going to produce as well as act?

Rosie Lourde: No, no, no. I auditioned for Julie for the role of Darcy, and that was right after we’d shot Skin Deep. So I was in the thick of producing Skin Deep at the time. Julie had lost a producer the same week that I auditioned and knew that I was producing Skin Deep and asked me if I’d come on board as a producer. And I told her to kiss off, essentially.

JK: She rejected me.

RL: I just knew how much of my brain space it was going to take up, and I knew how challenging playing Darcy was going to be for me personally. So I chose to focus instead on just the acting. But then as Starting From Now gathered momentum, and we decided to go in for a Season 3, that was also the same time stuff with Skin Deep had settled down a bit. And so I had more time and so I came on board as one of the producers for Season 3, along with Lauren Orrellshe was helping us out then. And then moving forward into Seasons 4 and 5, I really jumped on board in a much more hands-on capacity.

Photo credit Tim ThatcherPhotos by Tim Thatcher

AE: Did any of those fears you had about juggling acting and producing prove to be true?

RL: Definitely. 100 percent. They’re completely different brains. That’s actually how I think about it. I’m getting better at swapping between the two brains quickly, but Season 3 was a real “jump in the deep end and see if I can swim” situation. Thankfully, there were three of us producing at the time, but there were times when both Lauren and I were acting whilst we were shooting. And obviously Julie was directing, and we lost locations, and we lost actors that we needed for the next morning. And so in between takes and in between setups, we were needing to be on the phone and sorting things out and then jumping straight back into the scene again.

Season 4 was a little bit easier because we did have a more structured team, but, at the same time, the pressures were bigger, and there were much larger dilemmas to deal with.

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