“The 100” recap (3.05): Field of Blood


Previously on The 100, Pike staged an anti-Grounder rebellion despite all of Clarke and Lexa’s hard work to have the skaikru become the 13th clan of the Coalition, and Clarke and Lexa swore fealty to each other because even though they’re both slow to admit it, they’re warpaint over combat boots in love.

We open with Clarke and Lexa, riding horses side by side, taking the Ice Queen’s body to Arkadia to present to the skaikru as a peace offering.

The 100 305-1 Lexa! Not in front of the guards!

Lexa is wondering why Clarke isn’t happier to be going home, but Clarke isn’t sure Arkadia is home. Do they even have beds in Arkadia? They certainly don’t have heaps of fur like they do in Polis. But Lexa calls her a hero and says she’ll be welcomed back with open arms because they’re bringing the gift of peace.


Meanwhile, Pike and Bellamy return to camp covered in blood. Pike makes an announcement that his first act as Chancellor was to create a safe Arkadia; that they sent a message to the Grounders, that today is their new beginning.

Octavia very much does not like the sound of that.

The 100 305-3“This…this is a joke, right?”

Abby is also suspicious; if ten people went out to fight 300 Grounders, how are none of them wounded?

Not too far away, the Hedas exchange one last smile.

tumblr_o2rw53F81u1t3th4ho2_400source: http://anh62950.tumblr.com/

And then they find a field of bodies.

The 100 305-4I miss the smiles already…

They wade through the bodies of 300 trikru, 300 people who followed Lexa’s orders to protect Clarke’s people, 300 dead. But wait! No! 299 dead. Indra is still alive. Lexa runs to her side and sees that she’s bleeding. Clexa— Commander of Death—quickly rushes to try to save her, but Indra doesn’t trust her; it was skaikru that did this. But Lexa insists Indra let Clarke help; she knows Clarke wasn’t part of this, would have stopped it if she could have.

Indra says the skaikru attacked while the trikru army slept, and that they were lead by Pike. She says Bellamy was with him, wanting to spare the wounded, but only managed to convince Pike to let Indra live, to deliver their message: Skaikru rejects the Coalition.

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