Exclusive photo of Eleanor’s return on “Black Sails”


This weekend marks the halfway point in this, the third season of the Starz pirate drama Black Sails.

At the end of last season, Eleanor was kidnapped from Nassau, right when it seemed like she and Max were set to rule the world together, even though they weren’t on the best terms. (At least, not on as good of terms as they were when they were rolling around naked together in Season 1.) Eleanor has used her razor-sharp wit, no-fucks-to-give attitude, a splash of feminine wiles and a dash of ruthlessness to make her way up from prisoner to trusted advisor as British governor Woodes Rogers plans to invade and civilize Eleanor’s beloved island. The island she once oversaw with a firm hand and deep-seated pride—and a great deal of effort.

In an exclusive photo from this week’s episode, it looks like, after weeks and weeks across and on the sea, Eleanor is finally coming home.

Black Sails Season 3via Starz

And considering how Max is an integral part of the current leadership on Nassau, and Eleanor is an integral part of the impending leadership on Nassau, I have a feeling it won’t be long before their paths cross, for better or for worse.

As we also know, Anne is likely leaving with Jack soon to sail the seven seas, and in preparation for that, Max and Anne have ended their relationship. Which means Max, who has been running the island in Eleanor’s absence, will have an empty spot in bed. Will the two women be able to reconcile? Will they be able to rule the island together? Team up to take on Rogers? Or is the world as we know it doomed? Check out some other photos from the episode in this gallery.

Check out the full promo now, and let me know what your predictions are for the back half of the season.

Watch the drama unfurl on Black Sails this Saturday at 9pm EST on Starz.

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