“Just Jillian” recap (1.5): Pickleball


This week’s episode of Just Jillian begins with a practical joke on Giancarlo. Jillian puts a thong in Chloe’s knee, so when she folds her leg, it looks like an ass.


Of course this Instagram post is up for all of about five seconds before Giancarlo calls and demands she takes it down. Jillian doesn’t let that stop her, and she pretends she can’t hear him because the phone is cutting out. Poor Giancarlo is going to have a meltdown sooner or later because he cannot deal with Chloe’s knee in a thong.


Jillian and the family are heading to D.C. for an Alliance for a Healthier Generation Event put on by the Clintons. Afterward, they are heading to Florida to visit Heidi’s parents, who live in what sounds like geriatric heaven, and I would like to be a resident when the time comes. They are even getting them a pimped out golf cart. Who wouldn’t want a pimped out golf cart when they are in their 70s?

As they arrive in D.C., it’s raining, and Heidi has planned an educational tour of the city as well as a walking sightseeing tour. Yes, it’s our nation’s capital and its important information, but you can imagine how much a two and four-year-old loved it. Lu says, “I don’t like it here.” It’s ok, Lu, I don’t like walking around in the rain either.


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