“Arrow” recap (4.14): Crack in the Foundation


Previously on Arrow, Mrs. Darhk decided to run against Oliver for mayor of Star City, Oliver found out he had a son with Berlin from Defiance who told him not to tell anyone, Merlyn found out about said secret son and decided to tell Damien Darhk about him as repayment for the whole sliced-my-hand-off-to-make-Nyssa-Ra’s-who-then-disbanded-the-League thing.

The main event tonight is the mayoral debate. Oliver is being prepped by Thea when Darhk’s wife, going by Ms. Adams and claiming to be unmarried, comes to “meet’ Oliver. He calls her a “darhk horse” and continues to slip in “light” references under the guise of friendly competition.

Thea warns Oliver that now that he has an opponent, she’s trying to find some dirt on public record about this “Ms. Adams” but so far has no luck. But also, she doesn’t want to poke around so much, lest Adams returns the favor.

In other important news, Felicity has a bridal shower invite for Oliver to inspect. And as soon as he opens it, he’s glitterbombed.

Arrow 414-1“So, not the best way to come out?”

After the rehearsal, Team Arrow trails Mrs. Darhk but find that it was a setup. Mrs. Darhk is there long enough to sass them before disappearing, leaving an ambush team to fight them. they win of course, but Mrs. Darhk is gone without a trace.

Laurel brings her father some coffee at work, saying she’s worried about him; surely Darhk has figured out by now that he was playing double agent. (Spoiler alert: he has.) But he promises he’s surrounded by cops literally all the time, so he’s fine. He gets a call he has to respond to, and Laurel cheerfully offers to come.

Arrow 414-2Which is Laurel for, “I dare you to try and stop me.”

She says they’re going to dinner after; Lance says he has a date, but Laurel would love to chat her potential future stepmother.

Speaking of Mama Smoak, she has been a busy bee in the Olicity Loft, decorating it to the nines…actually, no, the twelves. There are so many balloons it looks like theme is the movie Up. Oliver and Felicity hold hands and try to smile through the pain of having to see such gaudy decorations, and luckily they succeed long enough for Thea to come in and interrupt.

Thea pulls Oliver aside and says that Alex has been digging around on Oliver to see what “Ms. Adams” might find, she found an uncashed check for $1 Million from their mother to someone called Samantha Clayton. Oliver plays it off, and Thea asks if she should look into it, but Oliver is like NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Laurel, on the call with her father, is suspicious as to why her father, Captain of the SCPD, was called to deal with a B&E alone with no backup in the middle of the night. He promises her that he’s fine and that he doesn’t need her help or her leather suit, and she wishes he would just accept her identity already.

Arrow 414-3There will always be women in leather flirting with me!”

Lucky for Lance, listening isn’t one of Laurel’s strong suit, so she comes in and saves him from the collapsing building that definitely was not entered, and wasn’t broken until just now.

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