“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.14): Pass the Dutchie on the Maura-hand side


Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Maura gets kidnapped. Jane finds Maura. Jane kills Maura’s kidnapper. Don’t ever kidnap Maura.

This season’s twofer Rizzoli & Isles return had a tense episode and a laid back episode. The tense episode involved a kidnapping and a shootout. The laid-back episode involved pot and corn curls. Though, in the show’s defense, getting high isn’t necessarily a bad way to unwind after a stressful situation–so I’ve heard. 


Poor Maura looks like she could definitely do with some puff, puff, pass. She’s up in the middle of the night and writing in her dream journal in the kitchen. But then she hears something. Oh God, it’s the creepy kidnapper music again. She brandishes her journal at her intruder. And it’s Jane. Yes, Jane has been spending the night on her couch since the kidnapping. I mean, what did Maura give her a key for if not to spend the night?

Look, ladies, I know this whole thing has been traumatic, but there’s no need to banish anyone from the bed. Physical contact is therapeutic. So is snuggling–and, yes, that is an official medical term. Maura agrees and says Jane sleeping on the couch is not a tenable solution. She suggests Jane see a therapist like she has since the abduction. Jane’s face tells us she’d sooner become a professional jockstrap adjuster.


Hey, how about couples counseling? You could solve all your PTSD and coming out anxieties at once. Well, at least think about it. You two are awful jumpy, as Maura’s teapot whistle will attest.


Jane and Maura arrive on the scene of a medical marijuana dispensary. Maura fusses about Jane’s wrinkly jacket. She has no problem letting people know Jane’s her girlfriend, but she refuses to let them think she’d let her girlfriend leave the house without proper ironing.

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