Our Favorite Tweets from “Pretty Little Liars” (6.16): Where Somebody Waits For Me


Last night on Pretty Little Liars, Aria got busted for ghostwriting Ezra’s novel (ghostbusted?), Emily’s eggs were stolen or left on the sidewalk to melt away, and Hanna was threatened via breakfast food. Between the silly food faces and the masked disguises, this EmojA is whimsical as fuck. A whimsical weirdo who enjoys cleaning doorknobs and old electroshock units. Oh, this silly, silly show. Also, Hanna grabbed Emily’s boob and Twitter slid off their seats. As always, the #Boo crew came to play.

BTW, the Liars shot a video for Entertainment Weekly where they try to distill the entire series in 30 seconds. It’s pretty great.

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