“The Shannara Chronicles” recap (1.08): Save the Rover, Save the World


Previously on The Shannara Chronicles, Eretria hit on Amberle but got shut down, the two threatened and saved each other too many times to count, Eretria’s ex-girlfriend Zora showed up and tried to kidnap Amberle, but Wil saved her. Unfortunately, Eretria was left behind with a woman scorned.

Zora and her people drag a wagon full of human stuff—gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whosits and whatsits galore—plus also a wounded Eretria down the road. Eretria can’t run or fight, but she can scowl and insist her friends will come save her soon. Zora scoffs and says her friends have long abandoned her, and leads the cart to a human settlement. Eretria is confused as to how there can be a human settlement in troll territory, but sure enough, there are children and goats a-frolicking. Zora leads the cart to a trading post and asks the trader, Tai, what he’ll pay for the thingamabobs, but he wants more. He wants the girl in their cart. Zora doesn’t want to trade her; she has other plans for the girl.

Shannara 208-1Probably not a romantic candle-lit dinner…

But Tai is insistent; in fact, it’s all or nothing. So Zora sells her like she’s an old locker, and she’s immediately taken to medical to get her wound treated. Eretria is given a gas mask and an order to relax; she’s in Utopia now.

Somewhere not too far away, Amberle is running frantically through the forest, Wil trying his darnedest to keep up. When he finally catches her, he begs her to slow down, but she’s desperate to find Eretria. She can’t leave her alone—she’s been alone her whole life! Amberle can’t abandon her fellow orphan now!


Wil tries to keep her on track; they have a destiny to fulfill. He tells her not to let her feelings for Eretria get in the way, but she doesn’t want his advice. She’s a determined little princess.

Though when she almost falls right into a troll trap, she agrees to rest and eat before they keep looking for Eretria—as long as they keep looking.

Eretria wakes up in her hospital bed, rips the IV out of her hand like some kind of vampire slayer, and collects her stuff. She’s getting the hell out of dodge. She sneaks quietly past a man in a wheelchair and through a house, weapon poised.

Shannara 208-3Glad they didn’t put her in a hospital gown.

She runs into Tai, who is creepily eating pie the way Ian drank milk on Pretty Little Liars. He promises he didn’t buy Eretria to keep her here as a slave; he simply bought her freedom. She doesn’t believe him and insists again her friends will find her. She has to keep saying it, because maybe if she says it enough, she’ll believe it herself.

To ease her worries, he offers to send a search party to find her friends while she rests up and heal. Eretria squares her shoulders and says she’s strong, but Tai tells her that she’s in no condition to be stubborn.

Shannara 208-4“Hand over the pie and no one has to get hurt.”

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