“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.04): Birds of a Feather Flock Together


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Kronos the bounty hunter was after our group of Legends, Sara’s bloodlust reared its head, and Kendra had a hard time coming to terms with everyone telling her she was a reincarnated ancient hawk priestess.

By the way, since this is an ensemble cast show, I’m going to focus on the ladies only, because that’s why most of us are here, and otherwise my recaps would be way too long. So this recap is on the shorter side because Sara and Kendra had their own side story going on outside the main action, but some weeks will be longer than others, depending on how central the girls are. Which hopefully is very central very often, but we’ll see.

Okay, let’s go, DC, 1986. Before you get excited, Sara Lance will not be dressing up like 80s Madonna in this episode, despite my wishing and hoping and dreaming.

They have to break into the Pentagon to get a file about Savage to find out what he’s up to, and though the guys have to dress as janitors, the ladies get to be military.

Legends of Tomorrow 104-1“Psst, we should save these to role play later.”

The mission goes a little sideways, and the girls end up having to fight their way out, and somewhere mid-punch, Kendra goes full Hawkgirl, but more rabid than we’ve ever seen her, teeth bared, eyes glowing red.

Legends of Tomorrow 104-2I mean, my eyes go red with lust when I see Sara, too.

Kendra goes BERZERK. Sara is super confused; they’ve got the situation under control, there is no reason for Hawkgirl to be scratching people’s eyes out right now. Firestorm swoops in and scoops her up and brings her back to the ship before she can turn anyone into pulled pork.

When they regroup, the team agrees that the mission was kind of a hot mess. Jax blames himself, but Sara blames “Big Bird” which, while not being very empathetic, is freaking hilarious.

Legends of Tomorrow 104-3I could be here for a reluctant BroTP with these two.

Next stop is the Soviet Union because that’s where Savage and a scientist lady are developing some kind of weapon. Snart wants to kill her, Ray does not, but either way, how are they going to get any information from her if neither of them speak Russian? Russian is probably one of the hundred languages Sara speaks, but no one asks her, so she doesn’t say anything. Instead, Rip gives the boys ingestible translators. Which…okay, fine. None of the scientists on board question it, so we’re just going to go with it.

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