“The 100” recap (3.4): Ai Nou Fir Raun (I Am Fearless)


Previously on The 100, Clarke bowed before Lexa to make skaikru officially one of the clans of the Coalition, Lexa bowed before Clarke to show her love for her, Mt. Weather went boom thanks to Ice Nation, and the Ice Queen declared war against Lexa and her people.

We begin in Lexa’s throne room in Polis, where she has gathered Ambassadors from all thirteen clans. The Ice Queen is led into the room and watches Clarke hungrily as she is dragged to Heda’s feet. The Queen has confessed to the destruction of Mt. Weather, and Wanheda demands justice for her people. But the Queen isn’t afraid of a death sentence from Lexa, because she is using Heda’s own rules against her. The Queen asks for a vote of no confidence, and everyone stands up, saying “Heda no mo.” They no longer want Lexa as their Commander.  

The 100 104-1Haters gonna hate.

Clarke, desperate for answers but wanting to stay Professional asks, “Commander, what is this?” If it weren’t such a dire situation, she probably would have balked at hearing it, but instead, Lexa just tells Clarke that what they have here is a coup.

Queen Nia explains that only two things can remove a Commander: A unanimous vote, or death. Clarke is like, “Hi hello yes, this is not unanimous.” Nia laughs and says that sounds fake but okay, and Titus steps in and says that Skaikru is the 13th clan now.

But Lexa isn’t afraid. She steps up to Queen Nia and implores her to say what’s on her mind. Nia issues a challenge, a single combat to the death, and Lexa accepts without flinching. (In the Ten Duel Commandments, this is Number One, the challenge.) Nia picks Roan as her champion, and Titus turns to his Heda and asks who will fight for her.  

Clarke is THIS close to shouting, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.”

The 100 104-2Number Two, grab a friend, that’s your second.

But no one fights for the Commander. (But she also said the Commander bows before no one, so we’ll see how that goes.)

Back in Arkadia, Pike is shouting his anti-Grounder nonsense again. Abby has faith in Lexa because her daughter does, but Pike is a new age Christopher Columbus and he wants to fight the Grounders. Abby is like yeah okay we hear you bye and sends him on his way.

Bellamy brings Kane his guard jacket because he blames himself for leaving Mt. Weather and not protecting the people who died. He feels guilty because he told Gina to stay. Last week, someone asked me if Gina was fridged and I said we’d have to wait to see how Bellamy reacted. It’s starting to look like maybe she was.

Anyway, Nyko brings some wounded Grounders to the Arkadia gate for help and isn’t welcomed with open arms. Octavia goes to greet him and takes charge, and a particularly salty guard calls her “one of them” like it’s a bad thing.

The 100 104-3Better than being a loser like you.

And actually, I’m going to get the Jasper storyline out of the way. It was emotional but paled in comparison to the war stuff. So Jasper sneaks out of Arkadia to go back to the drop ship, and Monty follows. Monty finds out Jasper stole Finn’s ashes (?!) and they have a bit of a shouting match about their broken hearts. Monty eventually basically tells Jasper to man up and peaces out, and Jasper hits rock bottom when he literally hits the rocky ground and accidentally spills Finn’s ashes everywhere.

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