“Younger” recap (2.6): Un-Jaded


So, apparently Liza fucked up her shoulder and has to swing by the doctor’s before she goes to work. Josh comes along for moral support, but he’s convinced it was just some “sexual wizardry” from the night before. The doctor is like, “Nope; it’s 40-year-old shoulder.” Seriously? That cannot be a medical term.

At Empirical, Diana and Charles are discussing a new book deal in the works. They want The Male Feminist by Hugh Shirley (David Wain). His YouTube video lecture highlights a segment in which he simulates breastfeeding to some baby that’s passed off to him on stage. While he goes on waxing philosophical, professing expert level opinions about women’s rights and women’s injustices, Diana’s eyes roll out of her head. But she’s going to be “gamier” than ever, or so she promises to Charles.

Yet again, the hustle and bustle at Empirical plays as the center point of the episode—Trout must kiss ass to land this deal and play it cool with Charles despite her inability to control her anxiety-flirting. Meanwhile, Liza and Kelsey are in whole other playing field—not the one that kisses ass, the one that sends Jade’s ass out on the stoop. She just blew the last of her advance on a diamond pacifier.

Her shoulder may be out of commission, but the light bulb in Liza’s brain is still at work. She tells Kelsey she’ll gather up all of Jade’s wild, pathetically entertaining social media posts to use as a first chapter. Since they own the rights to her social media, it’s fair game, and Liza stays up all night putting the chapter together for the second phase of their plan.

In the morning, she wakes up to the sounds of Maggie blow-torching her Hindu warrior goddess sculpture. Lauren emerges from the bedroom with a glorious idea: She should send a picture of Maggie’s creation to Hector and Dorff, the machismo designers who made Kelsey look like a dead walrus at her imprint launch party. Maggie’s like, “Cool.” When Liza asks Maggie if Lauren’s living here now, Maggie makes the classic U-Haul joke—that a lesbian always brings one to the second date. Will it last?

It could. Lauren’s spontaneous fire mixed with Maggie’s watery, free-spirited chillin’ self? They both dig taking chances, making moves, and being a part of the art world. Clearly, they have chemistry they can’t ignore. And look, Maggie’s up early melding shit together—she’s inspired; she’s making art and having lots of sex.

2Younger6.1“I loved you in ‘Flashdance.’”

Phase two is now complete—Lauren sends the first chapter Liza wrote to her pal at The Cut. Charles is pissed the chapter leaked. Kelsey and Liza move into phase three. Kelsey will meet with her old intern-friend at Achilles Press on a covert mission to sell this book-that-isn’t-a-book and take it off Empirical’s hands. No one even knows Jade blew her advance, the implication being that Charles wouldn’t be the kind of guy who tracks Jade’s every move on Twitter—he simply believes the girls when they say this is her first chapter, and she leaked it because that’s a very Jade thing to do.

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