“Arrow” recap (4.13): Daughter(s) of the Demon(s)


Previously on Arrow, Felicity went up against an evil genius called the Calculator, Thea was sick from ignoring her bloodlust, and Nyssa went all the way to Japan to get the cure so she could use it as leverage.

We actually pick up right there, with Nyssa telling Oliver that she’ll give him the cure if he kills Merlyn. He doesn’t know why saving Thea has conditions, but she says she’s at war with Merlyn, and this is the only option. Oliver tries to explain that this is a terrible idea, but Nyssa is sure on her path.

Arrow 413-1In case you forgot, he’s also been keeping Nyssa as a prisoner all this time.

Also, throughout the episode, Nyssa calls Oliver “husband” almost exclusively. But not in the same loving way she calls Sara “beloved.” In fact, it’s dripping with resentment. It rather grew on me.

Across town, in what seems at first a wildly unrelated storyline, Felicity has coffee with her father. She hasn’t seen him in 18 years, and he says he’s been wanted by the police, and was just trying to protect her. She wants to know why now, and he surprises her by calling her Overwatch.

Arrow 413-2You WERE giving me a TI-83 vibe.

She’s ready to roll on out of there, but he tries to tell her that they’re the same. Hacktivists, Vigilantes. He swears he would never have killed 8,000 people like he said; he just wants the chance to prove he’s one of the good guys. He wants to prove that he’s changed and make up for past mistakes.

Oliver goes back to the team and explains Nyssa’s terms, and Laurel thinks the solution is obvious. Let’s kill Merlyn. Oliver is suddenly feeling sentimental and says that Merlyn is Thea’s family; there has to be another way. Oliver thinks that maybe if he just asks nicely, Merlyn will give up the ring and Nyssa will give up the lotus. To ensure it goes well, he sends Laurel to Nyssa to woo her with milkshakes while he goes to talk to Malcolm.

Oliver and Malcolm meet on a roof. Merlyn doesn’t believe a single word that Nyssa said and calls Oliver a big dumb dumb for believing her. He assures Oliver he’d do anything for his daughter if he thought it would actually save her, though. Except blindly believe Nyssa al Ghul.

Laurel hopes to have better luck with Nyssa.

Arrow 413-3Remember smiling? Let’s try smiling again!

Nyssa tells her people that Laurel was her friend until she “defiled” her beloved. Which isn’t as wanky as it sounds; she just exhumed her head body, dragged her to Nanda Parbat, and threw her into a magical pit to bring her back to life. Nyssa asks how Sara is, and Laurel insists she’s whole and happy. Luckily Nyssa didn’t ask where she was, because the answer would have been, “I think you mean WHEN.” Anyway, Nyssa is protecting her birthright; she wants to be Ra’s, and she’s justifying her actions by saying that even if Thea dies, it’s fine because technically Sara died at her hands. However, Nyssa would much prefer Merlyn dies, because he’s the root of all evil.

Laurel understands and also hates Merlyn, but says that Oliver wants to try to do this all without bloodshed. Nyssa would be down but highly doubts Merlyn will, and is fully prepared with an army just in case.

Arrow 413-4“I’d like to reiterate that you left me TO ROT.”

When Laurel leaves, Oliver shows up to visit Nyssa himself. He asks for some way to prove to Merlyn that Nyssa’s leverage is legit. She gives Oliver a sample of the Lotus and says Oliver is being naive trying to end this with niceties. (This isn’t Supergirl, it’s Arrow.) She says someone is going to die, even though she hopes it’s not Thea.

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