“Just Jillian” recap (1.4): The Hangover


For this Just Jillian recap, I thought I would chose my favorite moments in this episode, because there were a lot of them this week. 

When Jillian cheered for Tito Ortiz at his fight because she thought he won, but he actually lost.               

jj-1“I swear I thought he won.”

Jillian is good friends with Tito Ortiz and is invited to sit ringside at his championship MMA fight. She begins cheering at the end because she thinks he won, but actually, he lost. This is TOTALLY something I would have done. Anyone curious as to what Tito thinks?

When Heidi orders fertilized chicken eggs and Jillian freaks out.

jj-2“We’re like a slave to the coop.”

In the opening scene we see Heidi and the kids making a birthday cake for one of the chickens, and Jillian is confused as to why the chickens would be eating a birthday cake made from their own eggs. It’s really no surprise when Jillian gets a package of fertilized eggs that Heidi ordered because well, Heidi wants more chickens and Jillian wishes Heidi wanted a purse.

When the group fails to escape the room and Jillian is yelling at everyone like they were on The Biggest Loser.

jj-3Almost is NOT.GOOD.ENOUGH.

Jillian wants to go out and have some fun with her friends so they head to a place called “Escape the Room” where you have 60 minutes to complete several different puzzles. If you don’t complete them all accurately, you die. (That’s what they call it. Technically though, you just lose.) The competitive side of Jillian shines through, and she starts to get loud with everyone like she did on The Biggest Loser.

When she says goodbye to her sister.

jj-4“You are my snot-nosed little sister!”

This wasn’t my favorite because I liked seeing her say goodbye, but because you could genuinely tell she loves and cares for her little sister, and that is something I can certainly relate to. Jillian’s sister Lauren is leaving for a year to study abroad and Jillian is having a hard time saying goodbye. Although they had some rough patches, she really cares about her and just wants what’s best for her. Awwww, sisterly love.

When Jillian tells Chloe she looks “El Lezbo.”

jj-5“Its been such a long time since Chloe has had sex, her hymen has grown back.”

Chloe, Jillian’s hairdresser and friend, has recently gone through a divorce and Jillian is determined to find her a date while they are in Chicago. Jillian points at Chloe’s cut-off shirt and says, “You look very el lezbo right now,” to which Chloe says she feels like she always does. Jillian also says she thinks there is “something we don’t know about Chloe” so I am very anxious to see where that is headed.

When Jillian lets a strange dude do a body shot off of her and then flips off the camera.

jj-6“I don’t give AF.”

The night before she is set to do the Midwest Mania in Chicago, Jillian and her crew go out for a night on the town and end up at a club, where she proceeds to let some strange dude do a body shot off her and then flips the camera off. I am loving this only because I can only imagine the look on Giancarlo’s face when he sees this and its priceless.

When everyone is making fun of Jillian because she has a hangover.

jj-7“I can’t with the car. I can’t.”

Now that Giancarlo is back in town, everyone is together at last and on their way to the Midwest Mania. On the car ride over, Jillian simply cannot take the stop and go movement of the car and needs to roll downtime window to get air, just in case she needs to puke. We’ve all be there before.

When she made the audience twerk during the Midwest Mania workout.


So the real reason Jillian was in Chicago was to host a workout session during the Midwest Mania. I was pretty impressed that she was able to do this while suffering from a hangover and she even had the audience twerking! I think we could have done without the part of pointing out people’s skin color but hey, what do I know? I just write the recaps.

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