Ellen invites Katy Perry into her bathroom


Last Thursday, Katy Perry appeared on Ellen Degeneres‘ Bathroom Concert Series, a new feature on her talk show where she invites guests to sing out-of-tune duets with her. Of course, the song of choice was “I Kissed a Girl.”

One might be confused as to why Ellen would sing along to a song that paints same-sex smooching as something naughty and abnormal, but check out Ellen’s facial expressions as she sings certain lines:

0:31 — “It’s not what I’m used to.” (Ellen smirks, fake-winces, and rolls her eyes.)

0:48 — “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” (Ellen enthusiastically nods in agreement.)

0:57 — “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.” (Ellen puts her finger to her lips and pretends to look guilty.)

1:34 — “It’s not what good girls do.” (Ellen smiles, nods her head and gestures sarcastically with her eyebrows while Katy Perry is making a “no no” sign with her pointer finger.)

Ellen has certainly mastered the art of subtle commentary. (However, after seeing this clip, many of you might conclude that she should stick to dancing.)

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