“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.11): Doh’nuts


Last week we skipped our Jane the Virgin recap since there was no Luisa in sight. But this week, the show blessed us with not only sweet lady kisses but a brief Rose sighting! Here’s a quick recap of what we what we missed last week.

Jane started online dating, but her tendency to want to immediately picture a happily ever after was scaring some suitors away. She also realized that she’s kind of horny. She had a hot and heavy dream about her advisor Mr. Chavez, too. Petra and Rafael started getting closer again, as they bonded over their past together and their future twins. Rogelio hired his mom to be his manager but then had to fire her after she made everyone on set miserable. She did, however, give him her blessing to marry Xiomara. Michael realized that Nadine imbedded a chip under his skin, and Elena aka Mutter wants it bad.

This week on Jane the Virgin, Jane can’t get the sexy images of Mr. Chavez out of her head. Xiomara thinks Jane should go for it, but Jane says that’s out of the question. It’s almost Xio’s 40th birthday, and Rogelio has a photoshoot and a party planned for her, neither of which Xio really wants.


Since Jane is stuck without a babysitter later in the week, Rogelio offers to watch his grandson. Jane is silently freaking out about it because frankly, would you even trust Rogelio with puppy let alone a human child? She says yes, so not to hurt his feelings, but inside she’s screaming “Dear God no!”

Mid-shoot, Xio is feeling down in the dumps about her career. She never really had a chance to put it first, and now she’s full of regret about how far she’s come. Rogelio tries to give her a pep talk in his Rogelio way, and promises there’s a big surprise for her at the party.


Remember that chucklehead Wesley, Jane’s fake friend who betrayed her and wrote an expose on the Solanos? Well, he’s back…in internet form at least. He’s on an online gossip channel once again wreaking havoc on Rafael’s reputation. The Marbella has been losing reservations left and right after the drug trade connections came to light, and Petra isn’t pleased.

Jane gets together with Mr. Chavez to discuss her book, but all she can do is fantasize about him which is making this note session awfully awkward.


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