“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.10): Like Father, Like Daughter


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Dyson and Bo are on stakeout like in a buddy cop comedy. Remember when it sort of was like that, but with supernatural cases? Bo is trying to find Zeus & the Gang while also avoiding the big speeding truck in the room. She clearly doesn’t want to process Lauren’s near-death chi-suck or is oblivious to its implications.


The duo’s mark (no, not that Little Shit) finally pulls up. But it’s not the gods, it’s one particular Lil’ Mama. Yes, Hallelujah, let the angels sing–KENZI IS BACK! After getting appropriately caught up, she delivers some Important Plot Information. Well, it seems like it might be Important Plot Information, but considering their track record with other ancient relics/rituals/really lame villains I am not too optimistic. In this case, the I.P.I. is a painting called “The Vanishing” which is supposed to be able to vanquish the ancients. Yes, I know, it’s a little on the nose.

Lauren meanwhile is still confused about how she has survived, and thrived, after that whole getting hit by a truck business. The bigger question, quite frankly, was why she was in the middle of the road in the first place. Like, come on, she is a genius scientist. But somehow look both ways before crossing the street isn’t something she knows how to do.


Vex comes into her clinic and helps to explain how she was able to chi-suck like a Succubus. While examining him, Lauren realizes she has somehow acquired his Mesmer powers. I wish she’d kept them a little longer and made the patients all do the hokey-pokey.

Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi go in search of The Vanishing. They head to an art museum where Bo poses as a buyer looking for very rare work. But her mission is thwarted by a germaphobe gallery curator who is resistant to touch. Kenzi meanwhile pretends to be a docent and reminds us all how much we really, truly missed her while she was gone. Never leave us again, Mackenzie Malikov.


Bo meanwhile breaks into a special super-secured room and does her best Catherine Zeta-Jones. We can pretend this laser beam scene is to show how highly valued the piece of art it is protecting is. But we all know it’s so we can see Anna Silk slink through a room in a skin-tight body suit. But, hey, we’re not complaining.


And then Persephone shows up because Bo doesn’t have enough familial drama. In the end, she lets Persephone go, even though she tricked her into lighting the candle and unleashing the ancients. Family, whatcha gonna do? But at least she gets the painting.

Lauren is making her own poor familial decisions, but this one involves her potential father-in-law. She asks him what is happening to her, and he explains. Lauren had hoped injecting herself with Fae stem cells would extend her life. Instead, it made her a conduit for the powers of any Fae she touches. So, whoops?


The team tries to figure out how the painting works with the aid of candy licorice. It’s actually the notes to some song. But who is going to sing it? They just need a siren. Luckily Hale’s grandpa followed Kenzi back from Spain. So, problem solved. He sings, Zeus vanishes and everyone gets licorice.

Well, almost. Persephone proves to be that family member you can never trust when she tips Zeus off to the banishing plan. Z zaps Hale’s grandpa in the throat, so now they’re without a siren to sing. But, don’t worry, they do have a conduit.


So Lauren uses her new-found powers to banish Zeus, and that appears to be that. Later she further demonstrates to Bo with a little help from Vex. So, FINALLY, they process Lauren’s near death and new powers. Bo is worried, Lauren is excited. They hug it out.

Then, ancient peril seemingly vanquished, it’s time for Kenzi to go. What? No. We just go her back. This is cruel and unusual. She leaves telling Bo not to trust Daddy Darkness. And, as if on cue, we see him talking to the not-at-all vanquished Zeus. See, he has bigger plans, and they involve that damn fire-breathing horse.


We missed the little Kenzis, too.




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