“Black Sails” recap (3.03): Two roads diverged


Previously on Black Sails, Silver was worried that he was starting to follow Flint and his insanity a little too quickly, Max convinced Jack to trade their gold for smaller, more manageable things, Teach wanted to start a fleet of his own, Eleanor is acting as advisor (by force) for Rogers, who fancies himself the new governor of Nassau, and Hornigold tells everyone Flint is dead when in reality he’s just stranded at sea.

We open on a beach, where man is receiving fellatio from two women while Max and Anne stand nearby and try not to throw up. Anne growls about how these men are animals, yet pirates are called savages, and how she’ll never understand why.

Black Sails 303-1She makes a good point.

When the man is…finished, Max asks if he liked her gift, and he sure did. An accountant says he’s finished appraising the black pearls and determining how much gold they’ll take for them and says he wrote down how he figured it out should anyone want to check. Max does, of course.

Black Sails 303-2#girlpower

This surprises the other asshat, who makes some racist remarks that piss Anne off to no end. Max tells her to ignore it, even as he goes on to express his surprise that she can act so “civilized.” THEN after making all those comments—which I think he thought were compliments????—he says that if she plans to flee when the governor arrives, she can come work for him. The nerve! I’d like to think that if she didn’t need more information about this governor he speaks of, she would have let Anne go at him, but she has questions.

Black Sails 303-3“You don’t by any chance mean Eleanor, do you?”

She takes the answers she gets back to Jack and Vane, saying that there’s a man who has been appointed governor and he’s on his way with at least 700 men. They’ll be here in 12 days, and Nassau has six guns at the fortress. They’re doomed.  

Unless…Jack says that if they can organize all the crews on the island in the harbor, they could have a show of force. If they show a united front, it would be too risky for the invaders to attack. Jack is emphatic, desperate for support.

Max looks concerned, like her regime might be coming to an end.

Black Sails 303-4

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