“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.03): Of Monsters and Men


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Vandal Savage killed Rip Hunter’s wife and son, Rip went against the Time Masters to create a team of misfits to time travel to stop Savage, Snart is from a family of criminals, Sara has a post-resurrection bloodlust, and Carter got dead.

So, our team is still stuck in 1975 Germany, because Kendra is not doing so great. She’s screaming about Carter, so they sedate her, and realize that bits of the dagger broke off and are ruining her life. Rip still thinks they have a shot at stopping Savage. He says he’s seen “men of steel die and dark knights fall” because the show is only three episodes old, they can’t afford to name drop yet. Sara’s on to him, though.

LoT 103-1“Wait, do you know Supergirl?”

Rip asks Jax to fix the jumpship, and with Ray and the Prof still watching over Kendra, the Trio (Snart, Rory, and Sara) are left to just sit around. Always a dangerous plan.

Sara decides to follow Rip instead, accidentally using the skills Nyssa taught her to sneak up on him. She says she has an idea to slow Savage down, by striking him where it will hurt: His money.

LoT 103-2“Okay Scarecrow, I’ll give you a little help with the thinking here.”

Rip thinks that’s a great idea because money is power and power is important to Savage, but he wants to go alone; he doesn’t want anyone else to die because of his own vendetta. Sara says they’re all grown-ups on this ship and he literally re-asks them once a day, so they’re definitely here by choice. Snart and Rory want to come (they love banks!), and when they’re refused, Snart lifts something out of Rip’s jacket.

Rip and Sara dress up in ’70s garb again—the costumes are one of my favorite things about this show so far—and they slow-mo walk into the bank, where Sara is either checking out or casing the receptionist.

LoT 103-3Or both. She can do both.

They use the guise of depositing $10 million coins and find themselves alone in the office. Rip can’t find any info on the computer, only talk of a Vessel of some kind, but Sara urges him to hurry because they’ve been made. (She’s 100% the brains AND brawn of this episode, and I truly hope they keep up with this trend.)

Rip and Sara turn around, and all the bank employees are pointing weapons at them. So Sara starts throwing knives and taking names.

LoT 103-4“Brains and muscle, okay, fine.”

One man teases her for bringing a knife to a swordfight, but she hardly uses her knife to take him down and steal his sword. She’s wild, vicious, and thiiiiiiis close to beheading him when Rip cries out that they need him alive. Sara looks a little nervous about how close she came to going to the murder place.

LoT 103-5“He ran into my…sword?”

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