“Just Jillian” recap (1.3): Major Challenges


This week on Just Jillian, we got to see more of Jillian’s family life, which I personally find more interesting than watching her pick out what spandex will go in her next clothing line or her complaining how much her patio furniture costs.


Jillian and Heidi are getting ready to take their son Phoenix to get his tonsils removed, so to prepare him for what to expect, Heidi gets a book that explains what’s going to happen. You can tell Jillian is a little bored during the book reading (it was kind of a long book so I’m with her). In the interview she does with Heidi, she says they have books for everything such as sleeping or crapping and wants to know why they just can’t say, “Put your crap in the toilet and you won’t have poop all over you.” I laughed because I could relate to having a book on every topic for my kids to read when they were little. While it’s great for them to read, the books are SO BORING.

Before the visit to the hospital, Jillian spends time trying to find an outfit to wear to the VMAs and is very uncomfortable with “basically being naked,” which I don’t believe for one second. She has a killer body, and she knows it. However, some of the selections she has to choose from are terrible. Even her daughter tells her she looks like a bat in one of the things she tries on.

Then Jillian meets with a possible protege named Tee Major, who she found on YouTube. This guy is a beast. He trains the Army special forces and can do a backflip into a burpee. Jillian is trying to expand her brand into having people work under her. She compares herself to Oprah, who discovered Dr. Phil,  and Usher, who found Justin Bieber. Basically, she doesn’t want to do “all of the heavy-lifting,” and wants to retire early. Apparently Tee Major is the guy to help her do that.


It’s time for Phoenix to get his tonsils out and everyone is a little on edge, which is understandable because when your kid is sick or hurting, you feel very helpless in how to make them feel better.Jillian Jillian puts the gas mask on to show him it’s not scary, and ends up getting “gassed” a little bit herself. It helped lighten the mood because both she and Heidi were worried about their son. But Phoenix comes out of surgery and is eating ice cream in no time!

Over the next few scenes, we see Jillian manage work and her family more than we have in the previous episodes, but I feel like the person who really deserves the praise is Heidi. Whether she’s reminding Jillian to give Phoenix his medicine, bringing the kids to the video shoot with Tee Major to visit Jillian, or her begging Jillian to take Lu to school on her first day, Heidi is putting in some work.

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