“Work Out New York” recap (1.8): Heartbreaker


Guess who is a truly terrible person? Any ideas?

IT’S JOE! JOE LAZO, TERRIBLE HUMAN. Let’s get that into some search engines. 

hate-hima photo of the worst in his element: talking to another straight male

Remember how last week we still weren’t sure if Joe was texting Courtney’s clients because he hadn’t confirmed it? Well this week, he had no qualms about admitting to it because he’s THE WORST.

But let’s start with Holly because last episode she went on a date with her ex, Sam, and was sweet talking her about a future together. And this week, in true anti-U-Haul form, she’s telling her client, David, that she’s worried Sam wants a relationship because of course she does.

“You’re complicated,” he says, which is the nice way of saying, “Holly, you in danger, girl.”

holl-lindsay“Is it so wrong that I don’t want ever to have to share my Sundays with someone?”

After David leaves, Holly sits and talks with a teary-eyed Lindsay, who is still Team Joe. Holly explains how hurt Courtney was that Lindsay accused him of faking a text. “You can’t be friends with everybody,” Holly says. Hopefully, she remembers that later when she’s BREAKING SAM’S HEART.

Noah invites all of the trainers to a boxing gym, which seems both therapeutic and dangerous when half of the group is mad at the other.

“If you wanna dance this dance, you better be ready to dance with the stars,” Joe says, and then I threw up.

Holly and Lena, meanwhile, are partners in a workout where they must crawl under the other. But that fun only lasts so long, because Courtney confronts Joe and a shouting match ensues. Holly, Layla, Lena and Jay try to stop Courtney from getting more heated and hitting Joe, but Noah and Lindsay stand on the other side, fittingly deemed “Toto and the Scarecrow” by Courtney. The Scarecrow must be Noah because he leaves. And then Holly makes a speech about how you can only play the middleman for so long, keeping the peace until you have to make a stand. 

yikes“Should I go with a Jillian Michaels quote or make up one of my own?”

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