“Black Sails” recap (3.02): A Good (Wo)Man in a Storm


Previously on Black Sails, Flint set out on a mission to punish anyone who punished pirates, Max decided she wanted to move the gold out of the fort but needs Jack to get on board, Edward Teach returned to Nassau to find Vane, Governor Rogers asked Eleanor for help colonizing the island, and Flint sailed his ship directly into a storm.

We open on Flint’s ship, where the ghost of Miranda climbs out of the ocean and says something to him, something he can’t hear.

Black Sails 302-1Head wounds are so in this year.

He follows her below deck, but before he can find her again he’s woken up; it was just a nightmare. The crew gets to work prepping to enter the storm, and Flint is surprised to see Hornigold still following them. But he’s sure they’ll pull back, so he tells his crew to keep trucking along.

Billy Bones looks at him like he’s a looney toon, but he does as he’s instructed. Silver is starting to regret their decision to blindly follow this man into the belly of the beast instead of taking Hornigold’s offer of pardon, but it’s way too late for that now.

On Rogers’ ship, Eleanor is giving herself a sponge bath.

Black Sails 302-2“Gotta look nice in case we run into Max.”

A woman comes in with clothes for her and an order from Rogers to meet him abovedeck, and Eleanor doesn’t really know what to say, never having had a proper chambermaid before. The chambermaid sasses her, saying that since Eleanor’s technically a prisoner, she doesn’t have to bite her tongue around her, but she’s more privileged than she knows.

Black Sails 302-3“I want to be mad but your sass game is on point.”

Eleanor goes to meet Rogers, and he tells her the names of all the ships he has and all the guns each of them holds. Eleanor says she’s impressed, and maybe she actually is, but she knows that’s not really why she was called to meet with him.

He shows her one ship that is expendable and says that it’s the one that will take her back to London to be hanged if she proves useless. Eleanor says that will never happen, because there’s so much that only she knows. There are things he never knew he never knew, and she’s the only one who can help him. He secedes, warning her that if she manipulates him or lies to him or basically makes him mad at all, she’s a goner.

Black Sails 302-4Like you’d know.

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