Jackie Warner Talks Back


AE: One really positive thing is that when you weren’t arguing, you were really affectionate with each other.

Well, we have strong chemistry; we are flabbergasted by it. I’ve had so many serious relationships; I have never had this chemistry with anybody else. And I’ve been … very much in love with beautiful women – women that are gorgeous and their bodies are just, you’re like, “Damn!” – and very deeply in love with them and living together, but I’ve never in my life had the chemistry that we have, and we both are like, “Geez, what is this?” And I think it does reflect even though we were angry with each other.

AE: It’s like fire and ice.

It is. Even when we were in Mexico, we still can’t keep our hands off each other. We cannot not look at each other and want to touch each other all the time.

AE: You said on the show you met Mimi in a painting class.

I was taking an oil painting class. I was still in my last relationship, a monogamous relationship, and I didn’t really even give it much thought. And then we met a couple of years later after my girlfriend and I had broken up, and we met at the Abbey and she was really cute and kind of came on to me – it was adorable, and a woman that has the guts to come to me is pretty ballsy. And it doesn’t happen often. A lot of women are intimidated by me and will not approach me – it’s always been a mystery to me – lesbians at least.

AE: What do you and Mimi do for fun? They never showed that.

Oh my gosh, we do so much for fun. She and I still go out once to twice a week and booze it up – we have a blast. She’s Brazilian, I’ve got American Indian and Irish in me, so we love to go out and drink with friends. We don’t really like clubs, especially bars, because it’s pretty much a meat market and it can be pretty lecherous, but I love to have dinners, and we love to both combine our friends and have big dinners and have drinks and lots of great wine, and then go out dancing still, we do that.

I just took her to Mexico; we had an amazing time, everyday was like we couldn’t believe how much fun we were having and how amazing it was. And she and I do much better when we’re alone. We have endless, endless conversations when we’re alone. And we’re way more comfortable with each other being alone. And we can sit and polish off a bottle of tequila and have 10 times the fun than if we go to a bar, just by ourselves. So that says a lot.

AE: They never mentioned it on Work Out, but I’ve heard that Mimi is a trainer too.

She’s a trainer at another gym. Yeah, I don’t mix business with pleasure anymore.

AE: Did she used to work in the same gym as you?

Yeah, I hired her ages ago, and I’ve done that with other girlfriends and it never ends up well. A girlfriend, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend should never be writing [their] significant other’s paycheck. Never be signing them. … The power structure is askew and it makes for resentment on both sides.

AE: On one of the episodes, you went to a doctor to find out about freezing your eggs and you started giving yourself hormone shots. Are you still taking them?

I had to stop because the hormones doing shooting is too stressful and just way too difficult to do. But that process is something I’m going to do. I don’t know if I’m going to do it on camera; it’s just too personal, and the hormones really mess up your system. … Basically you’re spitting out like 30 to 40 eggs. And I’m just not willing to compromise myself on camera when I would do it.

AE: So you’d eventually like your partner to carry your child?

I really do want to have a stable relationship with a partner and to have them carry my child. … I really have always wanted that and felt that would be the normal way for me to go, and also it allows them to bond to my child. And otherwise, I’m not opposed a hundred percent to adoption. I’m sure I could love a child equally if I adopted a baby. Of course, the ego part wants to carry on your genes.

AE: And you have great genes, too.

[Laughs.] Thank you. But I want to carry on my lineage; I want to carry on my genes.

AE: You can pass on your eight-pack gene.

[Laughs.] Yes! I’ll make a child do crunches.

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