Jackie Warner Talks Back


AE: Now that you’ve watched the show, do you wish you hadn’t been so open?

There’s nothing that I was open about that I’m ashamed of, so I’m fine with all of it. … When I went on a date and I was a little more [vulnerable], that was – oh, it was like watching my skin crawl. … The third date was someone that I was actually attracted to and it was just mis-er-able watching that. …

But for me, being open and honest is how I live my life anyway, and I am an open book. I’m a very honest person, and I’ll talk to anybody about family things and coming-out and gay issues. I think that’s the reason why people are drawn to Sky Sport and me in general. A lot of my energy is in this place, and it’s because no topic is really off-limits. My door is open. You know, when you need to sit down and talk to me about things and they’re painful, you can. If you need to cry, cry.

AE: But as you get more known, more successful, and get more notoriety, do you find that it’s hard to do that?

Of course. Not so much with people here [at Sky Sport] coming into the space, but definitely I can’t possibly reach out and touch the people that are emailing me and writing me letters. It’s just impossible to do that because it’s now in the thousands. And as much as I want to discuss things and help case per case, I just can’t. It’s impossible to do; I don’t have enough hours. And some of the stories are heartbreaking, and a lot of people are just desperate to reach out and have me solve their problems for them. And I understand that need, and it’s a huge responsibility, which makes it even weigh more on my mind. … It does weigh in my mind when I leave here, but it’s just impossible to be able to [respond] individually with each email, and they’re traumatic. People are very in pain.

AE: Maybe you need to put a resource page on your Sky Sport website, just different gay hotlines.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’m in the process of signing with a company who’s going to be completely cleaning up and remodifying the website because it’s a mess, and really being more informative and linking to things that can help people as well as giving guides to some exercises and resources that will help them to do this on their own when they can’t afford or they can’t come to L.A.

AE: What’s your specialty with training?

Power circuit training. I’m a major, major power circuit and boot camp and everything to fatigue. So the right function with perfect form to completely fatigue … like I just trained Eve today, and she was late, and so we had a half an hour today and I killed her in a half an hour, and she was like, “I’m so glad I didn’t flake completely.”

AE: Who are some of your other famous clients?

Well, there’s a lot of clients I can’t name. Marc Jacobs, the designer, and his boyfriend came and trained about a week and a half ago and had a great time; we killed them. But a lot of people say, “Well, you don’t have A-list clients.” No, A-list celebrities are not going to be on a reality show [laughs]. Sorry to inform the public, but they just don’t really need to … nor do they want to, and they can afford their session. They don’t need free training; they don’t care about it. A part of being at Sky Sport also is that no paparazzi can get in, and that’s a huge, huge plus.

AE: What are your favorite workouts?

Well, I love doing legs and chest. … All big muscle groups is my favorite workout. I love to lift weights. Lifting weights is still my primary workout and my love; I miss it when I’m away from it for a couple of days.

AE: Do you ever hike any of the trails around L.A.?

I don’t hike; I bike. I mountain bike, so I’ll take the trails with the mountain bike; I’m not so much a hiker. And I love the water. I love to swim, I love to surf, I love to snorkel, I love to dive. I love anything in the ocean.

AE: What’s your personal workout philosophy?

This is my motto: Everything done in moderation is OK, so I’m not a person that tries to take your lifestyle and make it mine. And I do enjoy everything – I enjoy the things that other people like. I enjoy having drinks occasionally, but I make sure and only do it at times not of responsibility and not to excess. And I enjoy having food, and I have my cheat weekends. Every weekend is a cheat weekend where I have one meal each day that I really love, or ice cream or candy at the movies, but Monday through Friday I am really good – very good. So you just have to know yourself and know that moderation is the key – not excess and not depravation. It just doesn’t work.

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