Jackie Warner Talks Back


AE: Only a few of your trainers appeared on the show. How many do you have altogether?

Oh wow, honey, we picked from the people obviously we thought would make …

AE: Good TV.

Yeah, and interact with me well, and get me a little riled up. So we picked from the trainers that could do that, but in total I’ve got about 22 trainers. So we have a wide, wide variety. And I also share trainers with other gyms occasionally.

AE: On Work Out , you said that you thought you were gay as a result of a mix of genetics and social upbringing.

I do think that I had a genetic predisposition because from such an early age I had tendencies.

AE: You said that you thought your mom and your grandmother were probably both gay.

I can’t speak for them, but my impression is that I think that family members – people in my family definitely fought against their homosexual tendencies because it was absolutely unaccepted in their time, in their culture. And I feel that many, many men and women – I don’t think it’s a secret – have gotten married, gone on to have children, been in 50, 60, 70-year-old marriages, have grandchildren, but that truly have repressed the homosexual side of them.

And I definitely think there’s a reason why I have a gay gene, and that’s all I’ll say. No disrespect to this grandmother, but I think there was a lot of repression within my family, the women of my family. My grandmother in particular did not like sex with men at all, and I mean was repulsed by it. So I definitely feel like there was a lot of repression going on.

AE: You knew you were gay at 14, but when you look back further, what do you remember?

I remember sitting with my mom later and looking at a picture book, and I look through these pictures and I notice in all the pictures with my little girlfriends, like at 4, 5, 6, 7 [laughs], I’m literally – it’s very, very funny – I have the same body position, and that is usually a hand on them, physically, and a hand behind them, like [a] “this is my woman” position. And it is in every photograph where I’m with another little girl, dominating them.

AE: Wow. You’re like a little stud.

I was; I was dominating them. My body language is very, “This is mine!” Very kind of overpowering over them. And my mom pointed it out and she goes, “That is hilarious; how could I not have known? Just look at you – you’re completely dominating these little girls.”

AE: But does she still think you can do something to control or change that?

That’s the very aggravating part with my mother. She would much prefer that I be a homosexual, fine, but do not act on it. It’s the sex act that is against her moral code and against her Christian code of ethics, which is absurd. So that’s why in the show I said, “So you basically are telling me as my mother that you would rather me be unhappy but alone, not having sex, rather than happy and in a gay relationship.”

AE: It’s the “love the sinner, hate the sin” thing.

Exactly, which is the most retarded thing.

AE: Yeah, it is.

I’ve studied so much religion in my life. I’ve been a Protestant, a Southern Baptist, Mormon – I was thrown into that religion. I’ve studied Catholicism deeply because to me Catholicism is the roots of history, what have really formed this society – that interests me. And so I’ve studied a lot of religion, and I can’t really find, especially with fundamentalists, too much that has worked for society. [Laughs.] … I don’t mean religion in general; I think fundamentalism in any form, and I even also mean the gay form.

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