Jennifer Esposito heats up “Burn Notice”


Christina Applegate’s Samantha Who? is one of those shows that I forget how much I like until I watch it. And one of my favorite characters is Andrea (Jennifer Esposito), the friend who serves as a reminder of Sam’s pre-amnesia persona.

Esposito is an actress I have seen often, but came to love during her stint on the cancelled-before-its-time show, Related.

Then I started seeing her in reruns everywhere: Judging Amy, Rescue Me, Law & Order — even Spin City.

Now Esposito will guest star on another must-see show, Burn Notice.

She will play Michelle Paxon, a Miami police detective who grows obsessed with finding out the truth about Michael. If you’re not already watching Burn Notice, you’re missing a treat.

Oh, and the show is pretty good, too.

Coincidentally, Gabrielle Anwar starred in For Love or Money, so she has a Six Degrees of Michael J. Fox connection with Esposito already. Not to mention the fact that they both look pretty damn good in lacy little tops and blue jeans.

Detective Paxon appears on the scene starting with the season premiere of Burn Notice, scheduled for June. Will you be watching?

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