Ask (March 17, 2009)


Question: I was wondering if the Blood Ties series from Lifetime will be put on a DVD set in the US and/or if this series will ever come back to Lifetime?

— Candy Gallagher, Bakersfierld, CA. USA

Answer: The vampire/private-eye drama starring Christina Cox is definitely not coming back to Lifetime (Grrr. Arrggh.). But the first half of the season — i.e. the first 11 episodes (the show was produced as one 22-episode season, but Lifetime split it in half and called it two seasons) — is finally coming to DVD in the U.S. on June 2nd.

The box art was just released this month:

The second half of the season, or “Season 2” if you want to indulge Lifetime, is tentatively scheduled to be released in September, according to

Question: I really like NBC’s new show Kings, but it seems like they’re wasting Susanna Thompson’s talent (and the other actresses). Does she get to do more later? And how did the first episode do in the ratings?

— Sandra, Bethesda, Maryland

Answer: I really like Kings, too, but you and I are among the small number who do, apparently: Monday night’s premiere drew only 6 million viewers, which makes it NBC’s second-worst debut of the season. Even the new episode of Trump’s tired Celebrity Apprentice reality show pulled in more viewers, which is just sad.

Kings is too complicated to explain here read’s review if you want an overview and it definitely requires more patience than most shows on TV today. It also requires more thinking, which is one of the things I like about it, but is probably why it didn’t go over so well with Americans.

As for the female characters on the show, it’s true they aren’t nearly as prominent as the male characters. But I’ve seen the first four episodes, and the show’s three leading female characters Queen Rose Benjamin (Susanna Thompson), Princess Michelle (Allison Miller), and Thomasina (Marlyne Afflack) do get more interesting, and get a little more to do.

Thompson, Miller and Afflack in Kings

Thompson really comes into her own around the fourth episode, when we learn the Queen isn’t quite the innocent, hands-off wife she at first seems to be. It’s fascinating to watch her character unfold.

It helps that Thompson is excellent in pretty much everything she does — from a manipulative matriarch, to a depressed divorcee, to a Borg Queen bent on assimilating the human race.

Thompson in Star Trek, Once and Again, and Kings

(Before you ask: no, there’s still no news about the release of the third season of Once and Again on DVD, in which Thompson’s Karen finally finds love, and we get the whole Katie-Jessie storyline. I’ll let you know if/when there’s anything new to report.)

Please, give Kings a chance, and save television from Khloe Kardashian and Joan Rivers trying to sell more wedding dresses than Clint Black and Dennis Rodman!

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