Ask (March 17, 2009)


Question: What is Jane Lynch working on now? She is fabulous to the extreme.

— Claire Taylor, Birmingham, AL

Answer: Jane is busier than a lesbian cat in a room full of rocking chairs, as usual. You can see her in the series Party Down, a dry comedy by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas launching this week about a group of hapless caterers in L.A. who are all trying to make it in Hollywood.

The tagline says it all: “It takes talent to act like you care.”

Bonus for readers: The other female caterer employee is played by Lizzy Caplan, of Tru Blood, The Class, and Janis Ian/Mean Girls fame.

The series definitely has the makings of a hit, between the good acting, the awkward humor, and the parade of former Veronica Mars stars. But while it has some very funny moments — including Jane’s character (who is straight) freaking out in the second episode when someone makes a gay joke at a Young Republicans party — there aren’t quite enough of them to guarantee it’ll be a hit. But it’s good enough that I’ll keep watching to see if it finds its rhythm.

The series debuts Friday on Starz, but you can watch the first episode online now. And on May 19, catch Lynch on Fox as a psychotic cheerleading Ryan Murphy‘s (Nip/Tuck) high school musical series Glee.

Question: My teenage niece is struggling with being gay and Christian (she recently came out). Are there any movies or books I can give her that might help?

— Patti, Chicago, Illinois

Answer: The Gay Christian Network just released a new documentary on DVD today called Through My Eyes, in which queer Christian youth talk about their experiences.

Here’s the trailer:


The DVD sold out a few minutes after midnight (i.e. as soon as it became available), but I’m sure they’re working to replace the stock as quickly as possible.

Check for updates, and while you’re waiting, peruse this list of GCN’s recommended books for more ideas.

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