Anna Chlumsky moves on from “My Girl”


I spent a lazy Sunday awhile back flipping through the channels, when I came across My Girl. How could I have forgotten about Vada Sultenfuss, the 1991 girl of my dreams? While all of my friends were more concerned with Macaulay Culkin, I was enamored with Vada and her tomboyish antics, Chuck Taylors and cutoffs.

Anna Chlumsky, who played Vada in the film and its 1994 sequel sans-Culkin (remember: bees), seemed to have fallen off the radar quite a bit. She took a break from acting from 1998-2002 to major in international studies at the University of Chicago, and has in recent years started up again with some theater work, like in Brett C. Leonard’s off-Broadway “Unconditional,” which was put on by Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s LAByrinth Theater Company last year.

Chlumsky also has made recent appearances on shows like Law and Order and 30 Rock. I’m willing to bet it was the latter role, as Liz Lemler, that put her back on the radar. And now, she is set to star in her own television pilot for ABC.

Vada Anna, will star in the drama House Rules, where she plays an aide to the Speaker of the House. According to PopWatch, Dirty Sexy Money‘s Zoe McLellan also has been cast for the pilot, as a congresswoman.

No word yet if poetry or mood rings will play a role, but it’s safe to say bees will not.

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