Jae opens up during a date with a woman on “#Blacklove”


ICYMI, #Blacklove is an FYI Network reality series that follows five women (Monet, Tennesha, La, Cynthia and bisexual Jae) as they learn what they want out of love from relationship gurus Damona Hoffman and Jack Daniels. The show premiered earlier this month and airs its third episode last night. 

This week on #Blacklove, the women go to the Museum of Sex where they try out some sugested sex positions and jump on “boobies.”

museum“Now I see why you like this, Jae. What are you doing later?”boobiesJae finally meets a pair of boobs that might be too big for her.

When the five ladies go out for drinks later that week, they are having a great time laughing and chatting about G-spots and online dating when Jae turns to the table next to them to apologize.

apologizingIf this isn’t a set-up, then this show got really lucky

At the table is Nneka Onuorah, the filmmaker behind the documentary The Same Difference.

“I see this girl and she’s not my type, but something about her intrigues me,” Jae says in her confessional. “Maybe it’s her confidence.”

nnekaEye-sexing you

La notices they are vibing, too.”Is there somebody giving Bentley giving competition? There may not be many men who can handle Jae, but I’m pretty sure there’s a woman who can.”

Nneka is smooth, taking a sip from Jae’s glass (she offered!) and asking Jae’s friends to tell her two things about Jae: “She’s cute so I just wanna know some things about her.” The other women offer that Jae is “sassy,” “intelligent” and “mature,” but Jae puts it right out there and talks about herself in the third person: “She’s into women.”

smile“I like girls, in case my blazer did not communicate that.”

“Nneka might have more game than a man does,” Monet says. “Becuase she closed the deal signed, sealed and delivered. She was ready to go, in and out.” I love that Jae’s friends are supportive of her and her dating women.

Nneka slides over to their booth where she asks if they’re all single. Jae says she’s not single, but she’s also not exclusive. “I think I maybe can find something in my schedule for this girl,” she tells the camera. “We’ll see.” The group toasts to being single and new friends. Mhm.