Princess Eleanor gets her heart broken by another woman on “The Royals”


When we last saw Princess Eleanor on The Royals, she was falling hard for an American model named Mandy. The thing is, Mandy is actually Samantha, bodyguard Jasper’s ex and partner in a major con to steal the royal jewels. Poor Eleanor is too trusting and too much of a smitten kitten to realize she’s in for a world of hurt.

This week, Eleanor and Mandy come home from an epic shopping trip, singing their hearts out. It’s soon to be Eleanor and her twin brother’s birthday, and Mandy has an idea. She takes the Princess to gaze upon the giant diamond and tries to convince her to wear it to her party. Eleanor objects at first since the diamond actually belongs to all of Britain, not just her family, but Mandy’s sweet talking works wonders on Eleanor. A kiss quickly leads to whipping off their shirts and snogging in the jewel room.


Later, Eleanor surprises Mandy in bed with the diamond. They get to spend five minutes alone with the jewel before it’s turned into a necklace for that evening. Mandy’s eyes glow when she see’s what she most wants, gleaming in her lying liar hands. Eleanor isn’t in the mood for one of her mother’s traditional, boring birthday bashes, and she wants to bail. Mandy asks if she’s ever had a fun birthday, and Eleanor tells her about the one year her father planned the party and it was full of fun and bumper cars. With that knowledge, Mandy is off to do some more scheming and leaves Eleanor holding a rock that makes the Heart of the Ocean look like something you’d pick up at Jared’s.


Jasper, who is having cold feet, tries to talk to Eleanor about moving too fast with Mandy. Apparently the blonde beauty has been staying at the palace every night. For someone who is planning on robbing the royals, this guy sure isn’t good about protecting his partner. Eleanor blows off his concerns because she’s happy, dammit! Why can’t everyone just deal?


In the tunnels, Mandy and Jasper meet up to discuss the plan. She’s had a fake necklace made to switch out for the real one, after getting the princess really drunk. By the time anyone is the wiser, she and Jasper will be gonesville. Except Jasper is suddenly not 100% on board. This plan, it turns out, was actually his. Mandy knows why he’s hesitant. “You fell for her. I get it. Because you have a dick and she’s hot. But time to come back to reality.” It’s positively Shakespearian! The plan has been in the works for two years (that’s a long con!) and she wants that diamond, bad.


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