Tyra makes more models cry


Tonight on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra gives Mr. and Ms. Jay a mission: Make this cycle’s 12 “wannabees” into fierce models.

After so many seasons, Tyra Banks knows that make-over time incites complaints and tears, but she doesn’t care. If you want to model, you have to be willing to be dressed up or down or (as she says in the video) “sliced.”

It looks like one girl in particular is going to have a tough time:

She said “No.” She said “No” to Tyra. You can’t do that. She has to change her mind and let it get chopped if she wants to stick around. Has she not seen this show before?

As far as the other girls go, I think they look pretty good and eager to have a professional do what they want with their locks. Still, it’s not a make-over episode without more drama. Do you see any other dramatic cuts and colors happening tonight?

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