“Top Chef: California” recap (13.3): Surf & Turf


In battle Karen v. Marjorie, Karen comes out short one piece of fish. That is… definitely not good. Padma misses out on the fish, which sucks for her because Karen’s dish is probably the best one so far.


She easily beats Marjorie and is safe, yay! But I’m also sad, because I like Marjorie, too. Too many feelings. The last battle: Glasses vs. Frances is not a great round, overall. Glasses obviously wasn’t comfortable with the flavors, and Frances’ plate isn’t very good either. Jason barely wins, so Frances is up for elimination.

Wesley is very upset with himself after his performance, so Kwame gives him a pep talk and a bro hug.


The top three are Baldy 1, Kwame, and Karen. Padma is holding a grudge because she didn’t get to taste Karen’s fish, so Karen is not eligible for the win. The winner is Kwame!

On the bottom are Frances, Angelina, and Wesley. Wesley is clearly better than what he cooked today, Frances added way too much stuff to her plate, and Angelina was trying to do too much to her mussels. In the end, Frances is going home. Aw, Frances! We barely knew you. I hope you keep cooking and keep being hilarious.


After Frances heads out, Padma announces that the chefs are heading to Palm Springs next!

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