“Top Chef: California” recap (13.3): Surf & Turf


Elimination Challenge: The chefs have to pair up and create a surf & turf dish.


Grayson has immunity, so she’s working on her own. Angelina and Giselle are paired, though neither seems happy about it. (#TeamScramble) The chefs race over to choose their proteins and there are some odd pairings, both in protein and types of cuisine the partnered chefs usually make.

The chefs do their menu planning and shopping before ending up in a lovely kitchen. This is all way too easy, obviously, so Tom comes strolling in to throw them a curveball. Instead of creating surf & turf dishes together as a team, they now must compete against each other in head-to-head surf vs. turf battles. The loser of each battle is up for elimination. Grayson gets to choose which team to compete against and whether she wants to use surf or turf. The teams divvy up their ingredients, some more easily than others.

The next day, the chefs prepare their dishes as the judges sit outside at a beautiful table. Cat Cora is a guest judge this week! Hey Cat, you’re great! Anyway, the first battle of the day is Wesley vs. Amar (vs. Grayson). Wesley didn’t manage his time well and also his meat is garbage, so things aren’t looking too great for him. Grayson takes the win, she’s on a roll! Which means both Amar and Wesley are up for elimination.


The next battle is Baldy 1 vs. Bunhead. Please please please Baldy, I hope you win. The judges really enjoy Baldy 1’s dish, but they also liked Bunhead’s plate. Baldy 1 is the winner! But it looks like Bunhead isn’t going home this week. ::deep sigh::

Next up: #TeamScramble. Angelina was doing too much with her ingredients, and it did not work. Giselle’s dish is definitely better, so she wins. The next pairing is Kwame vs. IDK another white dude with a beard. Both dishes were really nice, and it’s up to Tom to pick a winner—it’s Kwame! The next round is Boston guy vs. Cajun guy. The dishes are really similar, but Boston guy comes out on top.

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