TV Alert: “Straight” girls with gay crushes, plus Jackie Warner today on “The Tyra Banks Show”


According to Tyra Banks, “Across America, more and more straight girls are getting gay crushes.”

Well if Tyra says it, it must be true. And not only is Tyra saying so, she’s devoting an entire episode of her talk show to the phenomenon.

Today on The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra talks to different women who identify as heterosexual yet still find themselves falling for lesbians. In the preview video on show’s official website, one of them tells her, “Every woman is interested in being with another woman.”

Really? Every woman? Even Tyra? While I’d love to hear her address those rumors, I’m not betting on it.

Instead, I think she’ll just trot out a few other women willing to talk about their own experiences in that department.

The promotional materials for the episode read:

Is everyone a little bit gay? Women who insist they’re straight admit to having crushes on other women. Is it possible to be straight, but have a crush and be sexually attracted to another person of the same sex? Meet guests who confess their secret gay crushes — and some who are already involved in lesbian love affairs! Then the Tyra Show cameras follow a female pick-up artist who says she is on the prowl for “straight” women to date.

The L Word has only been gone for a couple of days, but has Shane already found new work?

In the preview video for the episode, Tyra bullies convinces a straight woman to ask a lesbian that she’s interested in if she’d like to be in a relationship with her.

It’s a televised request, but no pressure Ms. Sweater-Vest-Wearing-Lesbian. No pressure at all.

Tyra also tells us that “women everywhere” are losing their minds over Work Out star Jackie Warner. Warner stops by to talk about her own irresistibility, and Tyra asks her to spill the beans on which “straight” celebrities have hit on her

Will Jackie Warner really name names? Will Jackie’s ex-girlfriend Mimi make an appearance and bite Tyra? Will anyone bring up the concept of bisexuality?

Tune in today on Fox (check these listings for air times in your city) and find out!

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