Mariska Hargitay gets sidelined from “SVU”


I about choked on my coffee this morning when I read the breaking news that Mariska Hargitay would be MIA from Law and Order: SVU due to her recent lung-problem relapse. Everything around me was a slow motion blur; time stopped, I felt numb and couldn’t even begin to imagine another detective in my life.

But then, I continued reading the story on EW’s Ausiello Files and realized she’ll only miss a couple of weeks of work, which translates to just one episode. Seriously. The Emmy-winning actress just underwent a second surgery relating to the collapsed lung she suffered in January, and will only be missing from one episode, yet it’s basically the most horrible, shocking news in television.

Obviously, we love Mariska Hargitay. Can you imagine any other actress causing such a stir by missing one episode of their show?

I mean, I’m already trying to plan what else I will do with my time on that Tuesday night. The kitchen cabinets could really use some organizing. Or maybe I should go through my closet to try to get rid of more stuff I don’t wear anymore. Should I just leave the apartment altogether, as to not chance an emotional run-in with my TV?

I sort of feel bad for Ice-T. It seems like he misses at least every other episode, and yet there are never any news reports about his absence. While there’s clearly no competing with Mariska, it’ll actually be his chance to shine in her missed episode, “Baggage,” as he’s supposed to “step in for her.” We’ll see about that. However, Stephanie March will be there as well, as that will coincide with Alex Cabot’s six-episode return (which starts tonight, by the way). She’s no Mariska, either, but she’ll do.

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