Is Izzie headed to the morgue?


So, you know how Katherine Heigl said she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration last year because Izzie didn’t have an award worthy storyline on Grey’s Anatomy?

Everybody was all, like, “Oh, Izzie’s dead.” And Shonda Rhimes was all, “I wouldn’t kill Izzie and she has an awesome story next year.” And we were all, “Sure, Shonda Rhimes” and she was all, “Seriously” and we were all, “Yeah, we’ll see.” (Possible spoilers ahead.)

Apparently, we were all, like, right. In an interview with, Justin Chambers, aka Izzie’s boyfriend, Alex, let some poop drop. To wit: “Izzie has cancer, so I’m there to support her.”


Not that the news is all that shocking, given what has happened with Izzie so far this season. I mean, she spent half the season sleeping with Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which is all well and good except for one teensy problem: he’s dead. That gives “bed death” a whole new meaning.

We have since learned that he was some kind of manifestation of Izzie’s subconscious, there to tell her that she was really, really sick.

Izzie did what any forthright person would do — she snuck her lab-work into her interns’ case files to get a diagnosis. To her relief, the blood was anemic, so everything was fine — except for another teensy problem: the blood-work was not hers.


With rumors flying that Heigl and costar T.R. Knight want off the show, is cancer her wish come true? Chambers was less clear in that regard:

I would expect Alex to shut down a little bit if something awful happens to Izzie, but these are opportunities to see his chivalrous side and his true love for her, so there should be some interesting stuff coming up.

We’ll know more Thursday, when Izzie’s interns finally diagnose the “right” blood. But how do you want this storyline to resolve? Has the time come for Izzie Stevens to join Denny in the happily-ever-afterlife? Or is this just Rhimes’ Emmy-worthy gift to Heigl?

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