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Question: I heard that The L Word will be continuing online in the form of webisodes. Is this true? I thought that The L Word spinoff series was going to be a web series. I’m so confused! Can you tell me what’s going on with all of this?

— Cynthia, Austin, TX


Answer: When we first told you about The L Word spinoff series, we learned that it would be a prison drama, The Farm, starring Leisha Hailey.

Showtime said that the show would initially debut online, with the potential to move to television. Showtime later stated that the pilot episode of the show (written and directed by L Word creator Ilene Chaiken) would debut on television (not online, as originally announced), and that the network is deliberating on picking it up as a regular series. That’s where things stand at this point, and as soon as we know more about The Farm, we’ll let you know.

Though The L Word is now officially over, there are some video “extras” available at These extras include footage of the interrogations that took place after Bette, Tina and the gang made their bedazzled, windswept appearance at the police station for questioning in relation to the death of Jenny Schecter.

The first interrogation video to go up is a doozy. In it, potential suspect Tina Kennard reveals that Bette wasn’t her “first,” as she had led all of us (including Bette) to believe for so many years.

No, that distinction goes to her own sister.

That’s right, as a pre-teen, Tina had a three-year lesbian relationship with/was molested by her older sister, and Tina was “always the boy.” Unfortunately, I don’t think she meant that she got to have a later curfew or received cooler toys for Christmas.

Watch the clip below:


Why, Ilene Chaiken, why? Did we need more fuel for the relentless homophobic stereotype of creepy incestuous lesbian sister?

Had Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless) known this random, unnecessary and decidedly creepy tidbit would have come to light in Tina’s interrogation, I think she would have skipped the questioning altogether.

More interrogations videos are slated to follow each day on View them at your own risk!

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