“Melrose Place” gets remade with a Simpson sister


Most people my age watched 90210 when they were younger, and sometimes even those storylines were over our heads, so I don’t know what I thought I was getting out of watching Melrose Place, other than one of my first girl-crushes in Daphne Zuniga, who played the mysterious, tomboyish photographer, Jo.

While I probably had no idea what was really going on with all the dramatic 20-somethings and their interconnected relationships, and really just thought their apartment complex with the pool in the middle was cool enough for me to move right in, next to Jo, I get it now. Which is probably why I didn’t groan about the recently announced remake. Just like 90210, Melrose Place is making a comeback on the CW, starring — wait for it — Ashlee Simpson.

Seriously. The Fall Out Boy bride has just been confirmed as part of the new cast, along with confirmed neighbors Katie Cassidy and Michael Rady. EW’s Ausiello reports that Heather Locklear is even in talks with the network about getting on board, which is great and everything, but seriously, what’s up with Daphne?

I’m not sure what to think of Ashlee Simpson’s involvement. She was definitely a guilty pleasure when she had her MTV reality show, black hair and original nose (her song “Boyfriend” was, at one point, my favorite ironic jam). But she’s not known for much actual acting, unless you count her brief stint as Violet on 7th Heaven.

Melrose 2.0 is set to debut in the fall lineup. So Ashlee has time to get ready. As long as she delivers her own lines, she may be OK. What do you think?

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