Anna Camp plays it nice in “Saints & Strangers”


Anna has only seen the first Pitch Perfect movie once (“a very, very, very early on screening before it was color corrected, before it was all done, and I never saw the second one!”) and only some episodes of True Blood; none of her stint on The Good Wife.

“I had a blast shooting, I really did, but it’s me,” she said. “I hate hearing myself on someone else’s voicemail! Like ‘What is that?’ I get all weirded out. So I’d rather just do it and have that be the experience it was.”

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Besides her work in Saints & Strangers, Anna has been keeping busy with a new Amazon pilot that is already receiving major buzz. Good Girls Revolt is the story of women working at a magazine, News of the Week, in the 1960s. Each of them are forced to do research, utilize contacts and essentially do most of the work for their male counterparts, but letting them have the glory with the bylines and front page stories. But as the title suggests, the women are growing tired of the misogyny and ready to band together for justice. Anna’s character, Jane, might need more convincing than the rest, though, as she seems OK with providing her office boyfriend the things he needs to be a star in the newsroom.

“And my character’s not even aware that that’s bad,” Anna said. “She’s lived her life that way and now she’s starting to have doubts and questioning, that’s what the show is, which is the beginning of that revolution.”

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Viewers of the new Amazon pilots vote on the ones they want to see make it to series (which is how Transparent became a show), and hopefully we’ll receive the good news for Good Girls Revolt soon, as Anna teased there are some stories “bubbling up” that queer women would definitely appreciate.

Dana Calvo, she’s the creator, gave [the show bible] to all the actors to see where their characters would be heading so I do know some things that I can’t give away,” Anna said. “But it’s definitely fun, exciting and not exactly what you would think, which is really good, but she goes there. I can say that much. That’s why I want it to get picked up because I want to do all the stuff!”

Anna does hint that there could be more to Jane than her simply being a yes-woman, which is one reason she was enticed into another role that, at the beginning, might seem like another ruthless, uptight blonde.

“I love playing characters where you think they’re one thing when you look at them and slowly, as the show progresses, you start to see there’s a lot of complexity underneath and there could be a lot of darkness,” she said. “And that happens to people that are so buttoned up their whole lives. When they’re getting that permission to revolt—she could burn her bra!”

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Television has provided so many more of these juicy opportunities for women like Anna, while film is still struggling to catch up. But that’s one reason why being a part of the uber-successful Pitch Perfect franchise has been so special to her. Female-led both on screen and behind-the-scenes (Kay Cannon wrote both the original and the sequel and Elizabeth Banks directed Pitch Perfect 2), the two films have made over $248 million at the box office and a third film is already in the works.

“The wonderful thing is I meet little girls who recognize me as Aubrey and they’re like ‘You’re my hero—I idolize you,'” Anna said. “Aubrey is a strong character. Especially in the first film where she decides to let go and give over control to another girl and work together. There’s so much competition in the world among women. To see groups of women supporting one another and working together to create something really beautiful, I feel very honored to be a part of something like that.”

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