Amy Acker is headed for “Happy Town”


Amy Acker is a Dallas girl, born and bred.

As far as I’m concerned, one of her best roles was one that I happened to be on set for — she played Catherine Morland in the Wishbone version of Northanger Abbey. Wishbone played Henry Tilney, of course.

Acker has moved on, quite successfully, and her most recent turn has been as the enigmatic doctor Claire Saunders on Dollhouse.

Dr. Saunders is responsible for taking care of the “dolls” and seems to have a special interest in Echo (Eliza Dushku). My theory is that Claire used to be Echo, but it’s just a hunch. I wouldn’t object at all if Ms. Snarker’s hunch about a little girl/girl action proved right instead.

Recent news, however, indicates that Claire and Echo better get busy now that Acker has taken a role in the ABC pilot Happy Town. The two-hour drama explores what happens in Haplin, Minn., a town that has enjoyed a seven-year peace after a series of kidnappings, when it is hit by another crime. Acker plays the police chief’s wife.

My first thought when I heard this was, “There goes Dollhouse.” But not necessarily. For one thing, Acker is not a regular character on Dollhouse, but a recurring character, so it’s feasible that she could do both shows. And shooting a pilot is far from a guarantee that Happy Town will be picked up. So, I don’t think Amy is giving up on Joss Whedon’s baby quite yet.

I hope not. Last week’s episode drew me in and, although Dollhouse still could be better, I realized I really want to know what’s going on.

Is Amy Acker’s new pilot a bad sign for Dollhouse? Are you watching? Any theories on how Claire got her scars?

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