TV Alert: “Being Erica” has the main character revisiting an ex-girlfriend


Several Canadian readers have tipped us off to a new show, Being Erica, starring Erin Karpluk, who briefly appeared on The L Word as Aleese on the set of Lez Girls. Karpluk plays Erica Strange, a woman who meets a therapist who sends her back into moments of regret in her life so she can change them.

On tonight’s episode, “Everything She Wants,” Erica must regret something about her ex-girlfriend, Cassidy (played by Anna Silk), because she goes back to college to find her.

Erica is involved with men in present day, but previews refer to Cassidy as an “old flame,” and also show Erica’s friends saying they have “always known she was gay.” (Of course it’s in university, right? “Lesbian Until Graduation” is not a new concept.)

Being Erica has been picked up in the U.S. on SoapNet, and just started airing at the end of February. Since they’re only on Episode 3 as of this week, U.S. watchers will just have to wait another few months to see the episode airing in Canada tonight.

Being Erica airs on the CBC at 9 p.m. tonight. Any fans of the show have predictions of how her “old flame” will influence her present?

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