“Arrow” recap (4.4): The Caged Bird Sings


Previously on Arrow, Oliver decided he was going to run for mayor, Lance had secret meetings with Damien Darhk, and Laurel brought Sara back from the Lazarus Pit despite everyone warning her that it wouldn’t be her sister she dragged back from the dead.

We begin at a crime scene, as we usually do, but this time, instead of Team Arrow busting it up, it’s a swat-looking faction of the SCPD. Soon after they get hold of the scene, a few SCPD detectives show up, following a tip, and are confused as to why officers are already on the scene. The first group then shoots the detectives and makes off with the loot they confiscated from the bad guys.

The next morning, Team Arrow starts to gather in what was supposed to be their new lair, but looks a lot like a regular building…with windows. The windows in particular bother Thea. While it’s just her and Laurel, though, she takes the opportunity to ask why they can’t tell Oliver about bringing Sara back from the dead. Laurel says she needs more time; she wants to socialize her a bit more first, so that Oliver doesn’t scold her TOO much.

Diggle bops in and says Oliver is acting weird and—get this—SMILEY, so everyone thinks they’re doomed. When Oliver and Felicity show up, Thea is surprised Felicity isn’t wearing a ring, but luckily backs out of it before she ruins the surprise. Instead, Oliver announces that he’s running for mayor. And at first, his team thinks he’s joking.

ARROW 404-1And Canaries come back from the dead, hahaha.

Despite this, Oliver presses on, saying Star City needs a leader, and Palmer Tech (aka Felicity) is funding his campaign. Even though his list of qualifications is very short (“He cares.” End of list.), he thinks he can do it; especially since he can protect himself unlike the last few candidates. When his friends are all still gaping at him, he says he’s surprised they’re not being more supportive, but Diggle and Laurel are just worried about him is all; they don’t want him biting off more than he can chew. Especially since there’s a rabid bird in the basement he doesn’t even know about. But Oliver rolls with the punches and says he thinks his next announcement will be better received.

Oliver opens a secret elevator, much to Thea’s delight, and he leads Team Arrow down, down, down.


Oliver welcomes them to the new Arrow HQ. No longer a Cave, it’s huge and shiny and full of tech from Cisco and Star Labs. They don’t have too much time to explore their new digs though, because (after a battle with a rolly chair) Felicity tells them about the ambush on SCPD detectives last night.

Oliver goes to visit Lance to tell him he’s planning to run for mayor, and Lance laughs, saying he hopes he wins so he dies like everyone else. Which, rude.

At Palmer Tech, Curtis is trying to figure out who the Green Arrow is, but he’s way off. Felicity tells him to stop guessing, and also to stop sending her prank messages. That second thing he wasn’t doing though, and when he looks at what she’s talking about, she says the code is two years old, and actually looks a lot like the code from Ray’s supersuit. Curtis gets excited, because he thinks he could extract the last message he recorded before he died, but Felicity is super not interested in that, so she nope nope nopes right out of there.

ARROW 404-3 “There are too many episodes left before Legends starts, cool it.”

Oliver calls Felicity back to base to track the bad guys. Laurel is…busy, so it’s just the two Arrows and Diggle for now. They go to a warehouse where they find a bunch of professional equipment, including vests that say “SCPD” on them. That’s how they know: the detectives were killed by police officers.

Meanwhile, Laurel leads her father to a dark, dank basement. She says she doesn’t want to keep secrets anymore, so she shows him the wild-eyed Sara.

ARROW 404-4 “You couldn’t have chained me to a soft bed or something, sis?”

Lance is confused, probably having an out-of-body experience, so Laurel explains about the Lazarus Pit. Lance looks at this creature who looks like his daughter, but with wild eyes that are trying to size up how big of a threat he is instead of looking at him like he’s her father, and he doesn’t believe this is his Sara. Laurel is like SHE’S ALIVE IT’S FINE EVERYTHING’S FINE and says that even Buffy needed time to adjust from being brought back to life, Sara just needs more time.

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