Ask (March 3, 2009)


Question: Is Joan Jett going to be de-gayed in The Runaways movie?

— Athena, New York

Answer: It’s not yet clear how much of Jett’s sexuality will be included in The Runaways, the biopic in the making about the famous all-female ’70s rock band.

But the film definitely doesn’t appear to be portraying Jett as straight.

In the casting sides for the characters, a teenage Joan is shown making out with girl, and there is also a scene of lingering sexual tension between her and another girl after a kiss. So it doesn’t seem like the film is ignoring Jett’s sexual orientation (perhaps because Jett is executive producing), although I doubt it will be central to the film, either, since it’s an ensemble drama, not a Joan Jett biopic.

Ace blogged in December about the news that Twilight star Kristen Stewart has landed the lead role as Joan, but none of the other leads have been announced yet.

Kristen Stewart

The other band members yet to be cast include bassist Jackie Fox, lead singer Cherie Currie, drummer Sandy West, and guitarist Lita Ford.

Sadly, my primary memory of Lita Ford is watching couples in tuxedos and prom dresses slow-dancing to her duet with Ozzy Osbourne “Close My Eyes Forever” in high school — right before freaking to “Da Butt” by E.U. and “Get Out of My Dreams (Get Into My Car)” by Billy Ocean.

And that’s why the ’80s will never be called “the classy decade.”

Question: Is Scottish singer Caroline Gilmour openly gay? I saw her perform in Edinburgh once and I totally fell in love with her!

— Abigail, Bath, England

Caroline Gilmour

Answer: Yes, Caroline is openly gay, and she told me to tell you that she loves you, too, and will wait for you on the train platform every day at 4pm … no, wait, that’s a scene in Slumdog Millionaire. Damnit, I’m mixing up real life with the movies again!

Caroline just released her first album, Someday, and here’s what she told me about it:

I was always into music and began singing and songwriting whilst dealing with coming out. I joined a band and started performing in local bars around Scotland. Things happened, the band split up and I went solo back in March 2008.

I was playing an acoustic slot at a bar one evening when I was approached by a local businessman who believed in one of my songs and offered to help fund the recording of an album for me.

So that’s what I did, and recorded this album for the best part of 6 months in between my full time day job (working in financial services).

I’ve just had my album launch party and looking forward to trying to get the album out there to the public this year, hoping that people will take notice and relate to the songs.

You can check out Caroline’s music and purchase her debut album through her MySpace page at

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