“Lost Girl” recap (5.16): Fae-thee-well


Tamsin agrees. Aw, Tammy, tell us how you really feel. But Lauren says to let her go because when it comes to truth bombs, our Valkyrie has a hell of an arm. See, Bo is bad but also good. She’s like a delicious black-and-white cookie of morality. Sure, she has the dark Hades side. But she also has the light love of all her friends. But then Tamsin gets a little lighter, because her water breaks.


So while Lauren and Kenzi tend to a Valky-birth, the rest of the gang goes to face off with the newly reanimated Elder Faes under Hades control. Wow, am I gonna miss typing wacky-ass sentences like that. Bo goes after Big Bad Dad in full angry daughter mode. Her laundry list of poor parenting choices include alienating her from her friends, breaking her up from her girlfriend, killing Aife, killing Trick, et al. Notice how she is standing in the light and he is standing in the shadows? Subtle.

In our childbirth subplot Tamsin is making a lot of anguished and angry faces while Kenzi and Lauren offer encouragement. Discussion of how much of a brave warrior she is. Discussion of how she needs to remember her breathing. Discussion of how much she is squeezing Kenzi’s hand. You know, every pregnancy scene ever.


Outside Bo and Daddy Darkness start their ceremonial hand war. He seems to have the upper hand (rim shot, one last time), but then Bo reminds him she has another hand to play (I lied, that’s the last one). She is also half of Trick’s blood .


And as if on cue it starts running through her veins. She tells him destiny is bullshit and she will live the life she chooses. So suck it, pops. Or, more accurately, blow it. Because with that she reverse-sucks him with life force or possibly the power of love–probably both. But, either way, he dissolves into nothingness.

Bye, pops. Don’t let the Gates of Hell hit you in the ass on the way out. Next Bo breathes chi into everyone and brings them back to life. Hey, no harm no foul. What’s a little death between friends? And strangers.


Evil vanquished, Vex and Mark go for a celebratory sit on the Disco RV’s bumper. Vex tells him he heard he shifted, and wants to know if he has chosen Light or Dark. Mark says no, and he’s going to totally copy Bo and never choose. But he has made one important choice. And that’s to hold hands with Vex. So, uh, this means they’re a couple now, right? Like, it was a smidge unclear. A show this gay and they can’t spare one kiss for clarity?